with deirdre dionysiac

if every song is the first song, our tendrils are forever bristling

Saturday, July 22, 2017
22:00 to 01:00
aestheticizing incompetence
other shows

DIAMOND TERRIFIERkill the self that wants to kill yourselfkill the self that wants to kill yourselfnorthern spy2012, Sam Hillmer side project (from Zs); & doc wor mirran "eyebrows in distress"
THE DOORSend of the nightthe doorselektra1967
DZYANfor earthly thinkingelectric silencebacillus records1974
DUOTRONIC SYNTERRORarabische nachtepech und schwefelwartungsfrei1981, Andi Arroganti & Rainer Sex
THE RAINCOATSthe voids/trough trade1979
DON MUROmusic boxit's timesine wave records1977

BREAK: the durutti column "street fight"
DREAM 2 SCIENCEhow do i love thees/tpower move records1990, & due "bukal" & norma tanega "you're dead"
DJ ORDEALamong the deadtrip with me ! dj ordeal anthology 1998-2008asparagus audio2008
DUDU PUKWANA & SPEARangel nemaliin the townshipscaroline records1974, & double leopards "sound holes"
BLACK SCIENCE ORCHESTRAnew jersey deepnew jersey deepjunior boy's own2003
DUNGENbadsangta det lungtsubliminal sounds2004
DIRTY BEACHESlord knows bestbadlandszoo music2011
DIANA ROGERSON & ANDREW LILESlaughing all the wayno birds do singunited dirter2008
DOUG HREAM BLUNTfly guymy name isluaka bop2015 (orig. 80s)
DICK HYMAN / MARY MAYOspace reflex (blues in 5/4)moon gasmgm records1963

BREAK: dickie landry "fifteen saxophones"
LOLA PAYOLAschoolgirl songschoolgirl song 7"epic1981
BELL TOWERStheme from bamboo musiktonight i'm flyinginternasjonal2013
DAMNO TEcerulean climax pt. 1cerulean climaxmutant sounds netlabel2017, & dudley moore trio "love me"
DONOVANthe entertaining of a shy girlthe hurdy gurdy manepic1968
TARIKA BLUEdreamflowers/tchiaroscuro records1977/2016
MICHIKO AKAOprajna paramitayokobuetoshiba records1983
CYBEloi krathongtropisch verlangenstroom2017
HA'T VO'I QUE HUONGha't vo'i que huongs/tzickzack1982, holger hiller and a trio of vietnamese vocalists
DIE FORMspeedwashdie form 1bain total1977
DIAMANDA GALASthe thrill is goneall the wayintravenal sound operations2017

BREAK: dos tracks "waiting for the host"
CLARENCE ASHLEYdark hollerthe johnson city sessionsbear family records2013 (orig. 1929), & diseno corbusier "le chat"
CINDY LEEprayer of baphometmalenkostw.25th2015/2017
DISCO INFERNOa crash at every speedd. i. go poprough trade1994
DINOSAUR JR.poledoyou're living all over messt records1987
MISSION OF BURMAtrem twovs.ace of hearts1982
DRUGSTOREspeaker 12s/tgo! discs, honey records1995
AMON TOBINjourneymanisamninja tune2011 R
DORISBURGtrusttrustaniara recordings2014
DUKE ELLINGTON / MAHALIA JACKSONcome sunday (acapella)black, brown and beigecolumbia1958
DROWNER YELLOW SWANSsandwalldrowner yellow swanstape room2007
GABRIEL SALOMANmusic for prisons..2012,
YO LA TENGOsaturdayand then nothing turned itself inside outmatador2000
DONNIE & JOE EMERSONbabydreamin' wildlight in the attic1979/2012

BREAK: dolphins into the future "verde"
THE DURUTTI COLUMNexperiment in fifththe return of the durutti columnfactory records1980