with deirdre dionysiac

if every song is the first song, our tendrils are forever bristling

Saturday, July 22, 2017
22:00 to 01:00
aestheticizing incompetence
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Artist Song Album Label Comments Request
DIAMOND TERRIFIER kill the self that wants to kill yourself kill the self that wants to kill yourself northern spy 2012, Sam Hillmer side project (from Zs); & doc wor mirran "eyebrows in distress"
THE DOORS end of the night the doors elektra 1967
DZYAN for earthly thinking electric silence bacillus records 1974
DUOTRONIC SYNTERROR arabische nachte pech und schwefel wartungsfrei 1981, Andi Arroganti & Rainer Sex
THE RAINCOATS the void s/t rough trade 1979
DON MURO music box it's time sine wave records 1977

BREAK: the durutti column "street fight"
DREAM 2 SCIENCE how do i love thee s/t power move records 1990, & due "bukal" & norma tanega "you're dead"
DJ ORDEAL among the dead trip with me ! dj ordeal anthology 1998-2008 asparagus audio 2008
DUDU PUKWANA & SPEAR angel nemali in the townships caroline records 1974, & double leopards "sound holes"
BLACK SCIENCE ORCHESTRA new jersey deep new jersey deep junior boy's own 2003
DUNGEN badsang ta det lungt subliminal sounds 2004
DIRTY BEACHES lord knows best badlands zoo music 2011
DIANA ROGERSON & ANDREW LILES laughing all the way no birds do sing united dirter 2008
DOUG HREAM BLUNT fly guy my name is luaka bop 2015 (orig. 80s)
DICK HYMAN / MARY MAYO space reflex (blues in 5/4) moon gas mgm records 1963

BREAK: dickie landry "fifteen saxophones"
LOLA PAYOLA schoolgirl song schoolgirl song 7" epic 1981
BELL TOWERS theme from bamboo musik tonight i'm flying internasjonal 2013
DAMNO TE cerulean climax pt. 1 cerulean climax mutant sounds netlabel 2017, & dudley moore trio "love me"
DONOVAN the entertaining of a shy girl the hurdy gurdy man epic 1968
TARIKA BLUE dreamflower s/t chiaroscuro records 1977/2016
MICHIKO AKAO prajna paramita yokobue toshiba records 1983
CYBE loi krathong tropisch verlangen stroom 2017
HA'T VO'I QUE HUONG ha't vo'i que huong s/t zickzack 1982, holger hiller and a trio of vietnamese vocalists
DIE FORM speedwash die form 1 bain total 1977
DIAMANDA GALAS the thrill is gone all the way intravenal sound operations 2017

BREAK: dos tracks "waiting for the host"
CLARENCE ASHLEY dark holler the johnson city sessions bear family records 2013 (orig. 1929), & diseno corbusier "le chat"
CINDY LEE prayer of baphomet malenkost w.25th 2015/2017
DISCO INFERNO a crash at every speed d. i. go pop rough trade 1994
DINOSAUR JR. poledo you're living all over me sst records 1987
MISSION OF BURMA trem two vs. ace of hearts 1982
DRUGSTORE speaker 12 s/t go! discs, honey records 1995
AMON TOBIN journeyman isam ninja tune 2011 R
DORISBURG trust trust aniara recordings 2014
DUKE ELLINGTON / MAHALIA JACKSON come sunday (acapella) black, brown and beige columbia 1958
DROWNER YELLOW SWANS sandwall drowner yellow swans tape room 2007
GABRIEL SALOMAN music for prisons . . 2012,
YO LA TENGO saturday and then nothing turned itself inside out matador 2000
DONNIE & JOE EMERSON baby dreamin' wild light in the attic 1979/2012

BREAK: dolphins into the future "verde"
THE DURUTTI COLUMN experiment in fifth the return of the durutti column factory records 1980