Music With Space

with Michael Hunter

Music for the space between your left and right ears

Friday, July 21, 2017
22:00 to 03:00
Electronic, Drone, Ambient & Avant-Garde
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Artist Song Album Label Comments
Cosmic Ground Dark Enck Cosmic Ground Live Self Release 22:00:00
Staer Perigee Syzygy Self Release 22:17:40
Rudy Adrian Dreams of Subantarctica Atmospheres Spotted Peccary 22:27:20
Lee Anthony Norris & Porya Hatami Moon The Longing Daylight Carpe Sonum Records 22:38:07
Software Dancing Venus Electronic-Universe Part I Innovative Communication 22:45:50
Jonn Serrie Ghost Ships The Sentinel New World Music 23:05:15
God Body Disconnect Flesh of a Ghost Sleeper's Fate Cryo Chamber 23:15:03
Jack Hertz Solve Et Coagula Modulator Aural Films 23:22:46
Ekkehard Ehlers/Joseph Suchy/Franz Hautzinger Soundchambers 3 Soundchambers Staubgold 23:27:59
Erez Yaary Atmosphere 5 Atmosphere MellowJet Records 23:38:14
Bernd Kistenmacher La tendresse Head-Visions Bureau B Records 23:46:11
Craig Padilla Heavenly Sails Heaven Condenced Spotted Peccary 23:59:08
Bill Laswell Tail of the calipg Hakem Hashisheen: The End of Law Sub Rosa 00:27:32
Council of Nine Memory Trinity Cryo Chamber 00:32:26
Germind Exodus Flows Synphaera Records 00:38:51
W. Zabarkas Autumn Invades the House The Origin of Dreams Glistening Examples 00:47:35
Laurie Spiegel Wandering in Our Times The Expanding Universe Unseen Worlds 00:55:55
Ager Sonus Osiris's Courtroom Book of the Black Earth Cryo Chamber 01:07:38
Cozmic Corridors The Summit Cozmic Corridors Mental Experience 01:13:38
Arrocata Looking Back Man in the Maze Self Release 01:23:27
Zero Ohms & Brannon Lane On Currents of Sound Immense Distance Space for Music 01:34:09
Worms of the Earth Wandering Cadaverous Fields Towards the Citadel at Topeth Azal'ucel Industry8 01:46:51
Yate Phase 1 Phases of Phantoms the3rd2nd 01:55:17
Wendy Carlos Iapetus Digital Moonscapes CBS Masterworks 02:05:46
Vidna Obmana Resonant Gore Spore Release Entertainment 02:11:30
Time Being Everending A Dimension Reflected Lotuspike 02:29:02
The Winterhouse Deepwoods Gathering Autumn dataObscura 02:39:39
Robert Rich & Markus Reuter Glistening On Wet Tarmac Lift A Feather To The Flood Soundscape 02:55:18