Shh!, No Talking

with DJ Dewey

Hanna-BarberaFlinstones (Meet the Flinstones) Opening Credits--
DesireUnder Your Spell--background music for today's show too
Kid BaltanSong of the Second Moon Popular Electronics: Early Dutch Electronic Music Phillips Research Laboratories 1956-1963Basta
John CageMusic for Marcel DuchampIn A LandscapeBMG
yves daoustSuite Baroque: "Qu'ai-Je Entendu?"Anecdotes
Ezra SimsFlightThe Microtonal Music of Ezra SimsCRI
Dan TruemanMachine Language (excerpt) Machine LanguageBridge
Thomas Buckner + Tom HamiltonSegment CJump the Circle, Jump the Line Mutable
Com TruiseDryswchIterationGhostly International*
NegativlandDrink It UpDisPepsi Seeland1997-- July 29th is the 20th anniversary of this album being released
Negativland Quiet PleaseEscape for the NoiseSeeland
The Neon JudgementThe Fashion PartyCockerill-SombreDark Entries
Future BlondesHeartless split LP with Indian JewelryDull Knife
SmershJohnny Clawcasette petsDark Entries
Scully No DahlHairGreenway
Clyde and the NightmaresThe Enormous Midnight7" singleArcania Int.
The Rifle Rosemary K AnabasisBaby Tooth Records*
Baskin/GonzalezLittle Girlsplit 7" w/ The DoversGet Hip
The PanicsDrugs Are For ThugsRed SnertsGulcher
New York DollsRed Patent LeatherRed Patent LeatherFan Club
The GizmosThat's Cool (I Respect You More) EP
The HunchesDance Alones/t Almost Ready
Don MuroAs Long As I've Got you7" flannelgraph music
Don Muro I Need Your Love / Thinking of YouSouffrances Et Extases Du Jeune Amourflannelgraph music
TenementYour Shadowed Alleywaysthe self titled album Deranged
Street EatersTraitor + DefinitionThe EnvoyNervous Intent*
FaustLights FlickerFresh AirBureau B*
Kitty BrazeltonRChamber Music For the Inner EarCRI
Susumo YokotaRed Swan The Boy And the TreeLeaf
Awa PouloPoulo Hoto NgariPoulo WaraliAwesome Tapes from Africa*
Theresa Phinias, Christina WaguluHappiness (excerpt) + Life Is Hard White African PowerSix Degrees* C
MeringueThird7" Proteen
Crayon This Dream is Gone7" split with Veronica LakeCher Doll
Fergus and Geronimoblind Muslim Girl7" singleTic Tac Totally*
Colored GreensThe MenaceFaced 7" Big Red Ant
driver u.f.o. Chandracuisinart 7" Proteen
Myelin SheathsDo the Mental Twist + I Don't Wanna Have An Operation7" singleHoZac
LiechtensteinThis Must Be Heaven7" split with The Faintest IdeasSlumberland
AbjectsDouble Bind 7" Greenway
Erase ErrataWhite Horselive at the eagle tavern 7"LungCast