the sonic bloom

with esoterica

Tuesday, July 18, 2017
14:00 to 17:00
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p.j.harveybeautiful feelingstories from the city, stories from the seaisland2000
aldous hardingimagining my manparty4ad2017*
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red krayolageorge IIIfingerpaintingdrag city1999
p.j.harveygood fortunestoires from the city, stories from the seaisland2000
king gizzard and the lizard wizarda new world/altered beast Imurder of the universeflightless/ato2017*
robyn hitchcock and the venus 3(a man's gotta know his limitations) briggsole! tarantulayep roc2006
chastity beltdifferent nowi used to spend so much time alonehardly art2017*
james rado and ensemble (hair)manchester englandhair: original broadway castrca victor1969C
john lennon & yoko ono(just like) starting overdouble fantasygeffen1980
w. zabarkasautumn invades the housethe origin of dreamsglistening examples2017
the kinkseverybody's gonna be happykinda kinkspye1965
rubella balletemotional blackmailballet bagdark entries2017/oe1981*
fugazisuggestion7 songsdischord1988R
eire appparentrock n' roll bandsunrisebuddah1968
bob dylanchimes of freedomanother side of bob dylancolumbia1964
siouxsie and the banshees carcassthe screampolydor1978R
m & gboogie tonightwhen i let you down 12"dark entries2017*
cat powernude as the newswhat would the community thinkmatador1996R
the riflehidden knivesanabasisbaby tooth records2017*
adam stranglerstrange luvvideas of orderduprince2016
voigt/465stateslights still unspokenmental exerience2017*
the riflekill your darlingsanabasisbaby tooth2017*
crystal fairycrystal fairys/tipecac2017
voigt/465red lock on see stealslights still unspokenmental experience2017*
bill withersain't no sunshinegreatest hitscbs1981C
beatlesi'm so tiredbeatles anthology 3apple1996
cat power werewolfyou are freematador2003
dead ghostsroky saidcan't get noburger2013
cult of dom kellerheavy and deads/tmannequin2013
cherry glazerri told you i'd be with the guysapocalipsticksecretly canadian2017
joey agrestaa win song for bernielet's not talk about musicwharf cat2017*
the damnedwait for the blackoutthe black albumchiswick1980
bad religionlos angeles is burningsingleepitaph2004
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the myrrorstea house musichasta la victoriabeyond beyond is beyond2017*