with deirdre dionysiac

mystique of the many

Saturday, July 15, 2017
22:00 to 01:00
surplus value
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Artist Song Album Label Comments New Request
DANIELLE DAX here come the harvest buns pop-eyes the initial recording company 1983
D & V get around sound d & v (inspiration gave them the motivation to move on out of their isolation) crass records 1985
FAUST partitur fresh air bureau b 2017 *
DEFICIT DES ANNEES ANTERIEURES three trees near the path in the wakasa forest action and japanese demonstration illusion production 1982
DAPHNE ORAM lego builds it oramics (1958-1977) paradigm discs 2007
CRASH COURSE IN SCIENCE kitchen motors kitchen motors 7" go go records 1979
DA dark rooms dark rooms 7" autumn records 1981
DANIELLE DAX here come the harvest buns . . .

BREAK: combustible edison's "theme from the tiki wonder hour"
ANN STEEL, ROBERTO CACCIAPAGLIA media ann steel durium 1979
CLARA MONDSHINE metasamba memorymetropolis innovative communication 1983
DAVE BALL american stories in strict tempo some bizarre 1983
PIERRE HENRY teen tonic psyche rock 7" philips 1975
YURI MOROZOV shall come forth the demons strange angels buried treasure 2017
DAVID GRUBBS, MIRON GRZEGORKIEWICZ, DAVID MARANHA, MALGORZATA PENKALLA, PETE SIMONELLI kill the dog usa iii - vanishing point: how to disappear in america without a trace bolt (populista series) 2013
CESAR MARIANO & CIA metro sao paulo - brasil rca victor 1977/2016
PENELOPE'S FIANCE untitled but darling, it's hideous ep contort yourself 2017
DE-BONS-EN-PIERRE the mud man is coming crepes ep dark entries 2017

BREAK: cults percussion ensemble's "dream angus"
PUSSY RIOT punk prayer: "virgin mary, put putin away" . . 2012
KAREN MARKS cold cafe sky girl efficient space 2016 (orig. 1981)
DON'T DJ hyperspace is no place hyperspace is the place / hyperspace is no place em records 2017 *
SEVERED HEADS cyflea, rated r / we have come to bless this house city slab horror ink records 1985
THE ORB towers of dub u.f.orb big life, mercury 1992 R
DAILY FAULI bird fauli til dauli gry records 1983
CODEK tam tam closer / tam tam dark entries 2017 (orig. 1981)

BREAK: de fabriek's "prince farm's balance buddha"
DEBRIS' leisurely waiting debris' static disposal 1976
MOTHER TONGUE chapter and verse a bead to a small mouth barooni 1989
HARALD GROSSKOPF & EBERHARD KRANEMANN ou tchi gah krautwerk bureau b 2017
DAVID CUNNINGHAM blue river water made to measure (via crammed discs) 1992
GENERAL STRIKE my other body danger in paradise touch 1984
DAVID TOOP do the bathosphere new and rediscovered musical instruments obscure, island records 1975
DAVID THOMAS AND THE PEDESTRIANS the sound of the sand the sound of the sand and other songs of the pedestrian rough trade 1981
ARIEL KALMA chase me now an evolutionary music (original recordings: 1979-1979) rvng intl. 2014
DANIELSON FAMILE a no no tell another joke at the ol' choppin' block tooth & nail records 1997
DAVY GRAHAM no preacher blues midnight man decca 1966
TANZANIA ALBINISM COLLECTIVE standing voices (once, i was abandoned) white african power six degrees 2017 *

BREAK: bil vermette's "mountain funeral"
SENSATIONS' FIX dark side of religion music is painting in the air (1974 - 1977) rvng intl. 2012
NORA GUTHRIE emily's illness emily's illness em records 2009 (orig. 1967)

that's all folks.