don't back the front

with dana k

Artist Song Album Comments New
french vanilla thru the earth s/t 2017 *
the nu-beams sterile swab 7" 1981
gerry and the holograms gerry and the holograms meet the dissidents 1979
b boys another thing dada 2017
dutch uncles big balloon big balloon 2017
autoclave still here s/t 10" 1992
pregnancy first kiss urgency 2017
the wake on our honeymoon 7" 1982
mordecai what is art 7" 2017
jowe head cake shop girl pincer movement 1981
the monochrome set karma suture love zombies 1980
helen and the horns pioneer town freight train 1983
dorothy softness 7" 1980; on industrial records
elvis costello and the attractions new amsterdam get happy! 1980
the stroppies go ahead s/t 2017
milky wimpshake in spite of these times encore, un effort! 2014; close lobsters cover
boyracer pick the cats eyes out boyracer jukebox vol I 2007; scrotum poles cover
brighter maybe laurel 1991
this poison! workout magazine 2004; orig 80s
article 58 echoes event to come 1981
ALRN beach state rocking painted windows 1981
visitors electric heat poet's end 2016; 1979
patsy tuley tude high 7" 2015
pennycress thrash change the feeling 2017
current affairs cheap cuts object 2017
shopping get going typical girls vol 1 2016 *
no sister underpass s/t 2016
metz cellophane strange peace 2017
zerodent soul mender 7" 2017 *
ISS part time all the time endless pussyfooting 2017
sextile who killed six albeit living 2017
mud hutters national interest four ways out 1980
the raincoats baby song odyshape 1981
dead moon it's ok crack in the system 1994