with deirdre dionysiac

ask not how the sausage is made...and tune in next Monday, 5-8pm for my glistening retrospective of (mostly) 1980's japanese minimalism!

Monday, July 3, 2017
18:00 to 20:00
unrelatedly, why aren't radio marathons 23 hours l
other shows

Artist Song Album Label Comments New
BRENDA RAY sweet romance walatta tamoki-wambesi-dove 2006, oh we lucky ones who can's good to be back!
NTOMBI NDABA think more about me ('85 single version) . . 1985
HARRY CASE jam (at your party) in a mood ichiban records 1989
DOMENIQUE DUMONT +371 comme ca antinote 2015
HARUOMI HOSONO hotel malabar upper floor...moving triangle cochin moon king records 1978

talking about the sausage over Mkwaju Ensemble's "Zindo Zindo"
MKWAJU ENSEMBLE zindo zindo ki-motion better days 1981, Midori Takada's band w/ Junko Arase and Yoji Sadanari, the dream!
CARMEN time to move time to move presents records 1984
CANDY CLAWS pangea girls (magic feeling) ceres & calypso in the deep time twosyllable records 2013
CALYPSO ROSE loose yoh body ah cant wait 2000 ad records 1980
CHEMICALS MADE FROM DIRT beatniks (looking for tourists) ike hyped to death 2000 (orig. 1981)
CARDIACS nurses whispering verses toy world self-released cassette 1981, from a cassette full of unique material that was sold at their concerts
CERBERUS SHOAL pie for president the land we all believe in north east indie 2005
LITTLE FUJIKO the scale monster white peach jellyfish benten label 1996

huffing and puffing to A.K. Klosowski's "Disco"
A.K. KLOSOWSKI disco / xxx a.k. klosowski plays the kassetteninstrument gagarin records 2016 (unreleased material from 1982-1984)
CHARLES DODGE ...the days are ahead any resemblance is purely coincidental new albion 1992
CHA CHA GUITRI monsieur madame french synth wave - st etienne - 1981 born bad records 2014 (orig. 1981)
CHBB neger brauchen keine elektronik (deirdre says: this title is absolutely abhorrent; it was made by two white misguided white boys who decided to title their track "negro (or something worse..) needs no electronics") ch-bb doppelspaltplatten 1998 (orig. 1981)
THE WIRTSCHAFTSWUNDER metall allein 7" warning records 1980, play that bandsaw!
GEINOH YAMASHIROGUMI battle against clown symphonic suite akira invitation 1988
GUERRILLA TOSS skull pop gt ultra dfa records 2017 *
DOROTHY CARTER summer rhapsody waillee waillee celeste 1978
CHARANJIT SINGH raga bhupali synthesizing - ten ragas to a disco beat bombay connection 1983/2010
UAKTI terra i ching point music 1993
DOOPEES love songs (love is a many razor bladed thing) doopee time for life records 1995
UCHU uchu uchu + buddha acid mothers temple 1999, wheeling, dealing and writing away my shame in email form to Uchu's "Uchu"
TAKAGI MASAKATSU kaze kogi omosuhi felicity 2013