The Runaway Train Show

with Casey Jones

7" Special

Saturday, July 1, 2017
19:00 to 22:00
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Harry PartchDaphne of the DunesThe Music of Harry PartchColumbia
King Gizzard & the Lizard WizardA New WorldMurder of the UniverseFlightless/ATO*
King Gizzard & the Lizard WizardAltered Beast IMurder of the UniverseFlightless/ATO*
Vivian GirlsMy Baby Wants Me DeadWild Eyes 7"Plays With Dolls
Dangerous BirdsSmile On Your Face7"Propeller
The Dismemberment PlanSince You Died7"DeSoto
FunkadelicOne Nation Under a Groove7"Warner
Gary NumanAircrash BureauMachinesVirginplaying Union Transfer in Philly Dec. 6 C
Dzeltenie PastniekiNogurisLentu GabaliniDark EntriesLatvian New Wave group reissue*
XFourth of JulySee How We AreElektraYous enjoy your weekend ah'right
The Moon Seven TimesMotion7"Parasol
LiteratureIt's Cruel7"Square of Opposition
Raw PonyBo Diddley7"Heel Turnraw indeed
GashEveryone's ---We Are Fuck YouSit & Spin/Give Praise
SluteverSpit7"Jade TradePhilly band, members now in Pouty and Upset
King WomanHeirophantCreated in the Image of SufferingRelapsegiving King Gizzard a run for their money in the "nost brutal album title" deptartment*
The CynicsDancing on the Wall7"Get Hip
The CynicsLying All the Time7"Full Sail
Wooden ShjipsLoose Lips7"Sub Popguitarist Ripley Johnson just released a new Moon Duo LP in April
French VanillaSportsFrench VanillaDanger Collectivenew tunes from an LA saxophone post-punk band*
The PagansDon't Leave Me Alone7"Bona-Fideaped by REM in the 80's
The CoathangersShake Shake7"Suicide Squeeze
Del FuegosI Can't Sleep7"Czech
The EverymenZeppelin BenHello, Nice Evening, We Are The EverymenState Capital
Nar!Wrecklessly Inconsistent7"Secret CenterSC001 (GNAR!)
Soviet ValvesPuritan BluesSight That Harms/Gaze That HarmsSmart Guyrec'd by one of my favorite DJ's from over the years Julia Factorial
NodEssential Go to Richmonds7"Gamma Ray
SuperchunkMisfits & mistakes7"Mergepromo single for Aqua Teen Hunger Force Colon Film for Theaters with Metawad singing on the B-side
CannanesFrightening Thing7"K
AJJRandy's HouseThe People Who Can Eat People Are the Luckiest People in the WorldAsian Man10th anniversary tour coming to East Coast in November
Earth GirlsOlandTypical Girls Vol. 1Emotional Response* C
TimPogo StickThurl Ravenscroft EPXray Hipfrom the Cher side as opposed to the Sonny side
LoseWalking to Sleep7"Subterranean
The Machine Gun TVBaby Destroyer7"Detector
CoaRight Down7"Japan Overseas
CaninusBudgie #1/New York Crew (Loyal Like a Stone)Now the Animals Have a VoiceWar TornPitbull fronted grindcore band
Frick the Cat & Mark DagleyFrick It!7"Abaton Bookwhat beter way to follow dog-core than cat rock
Street EatersTake What I Don't NeedThe EnvoyNervous Intent*
ColleenSun Against My EyesLes Ondes SilencieusesLeaf
HellaMadonna ApproachesR&B Blonde WreckagesConcentration Face & HomeboySparkmusiq
John ColtraneAfricaAfrica/BrassImpulse!