don't back the front

with dana k

Artist Song Album Comments
the bears on me 7" 1978
the proletariat voodoo economics unsafe at any speed EP 1982
subverts can't control myself killed by 7 inch 2002 (orig early 80s)
detention dead rock and rollers killed by death #2 1983/1989
brulbajz eap killed by death #4 1980/1989
snivelling shits terminal stupid 7" 1977
the wasps teenage treats 7" 1977
peter and the test tube babies elvis is dead pissed and proud 1982
the verge tradition habitual EP 1983
paraf t'kao krava bloodstains across yugoslavia 1980
pop rivets fun in the UK greatest hits 1979
the feederz dead bodies ever feel like killing your boss? 1984
a.d 1984 the russians are coming 7" 1979
the stalin ?????? killed by death #5
fire exit time wall killed by death #7 1979/1994
tarts disposable girl killed by death #13 1993
protex all i wanna do (is rock n' roll) bloodstains across northern ireland
brain police i let jenny ride bloodstains across the midwest 1978/1996
the freshies i'm in love with the girl on the manchester virgin megastore checkout desk 7" 1980
adolescents no way s/t 1981
cosmetics twinkie madness killed by death #8 1980/1995
big boys tv where's my towel 1981
skunks earthquake shake bloodstains across texas 1979/1994
the rejects stir crazy messthetics #101
skinnies out of order 7" 1978; reissue in 2011
funeral waiting for the bomb blast bloodstains across california 1981/1994
chainsaw what goes on see-saw 1977; velvet underground cover from belgium
razar task force 7" 1978; australia; OINK OINK OINK OINK
mutants school teacher killed by death #24 1978/2002
angelic upstarts the murder of liddle towers 7" 1978
eater thinkin' of the USA 7" 1977
the critics without you 7" 1981
xs energy use you 7" 1979
the adverts quickstep 7" 1978; b-side to one chord wonders
the middle class out of vogue 7" 1978
minutemen two beads at the end double nickels on the dime 1983