don't back the front

with dana k

the bearson me7"1978
the proletariat voodoo economicsunsafe at any speed EP1982
subvertscan't control myselfkilled by 7 inch2002 (orig early 80s)
detentiondead rock and rollerskilled by death #21983/1989
brulbajzeapkilled by death #41980/1989
snivelling shitsterminal stupid7"1977
the waspsteenage treats7"1977
peter and the test tube babieselvis is deadpissed and proud1982
the vergetraditionhabitual EP1983
paraft'kao kravabloodstains across yugoslavia1980
pop rivetsfun in the UKgreatest hits1979
the feederzdead bodiesever feel like killing your boss?1984
a.d 1984the russians are coming7"1979
the stalin??????killed by death #5
fire exittime wallkilled by death #71979/1994
tartsdisposable girlkilled by death #131993
protexall i wanna do (is rock n' roll)bloodstains across northern ireland
brain policei let jenny ridebloodstains across the midwest1978/1996
the freshiesi'm in love with the girl on the manchester virgin megastore checkout desk7"1980
adolescentsno ways/t1981
cosmeticstwinkie madnesskilled by death #81980/1995
big boystvwhere's my towel1981
skunksearthquake shakebloodstains across texas1979/1994
the rejectsstir crazymessthetics #101
skinniesout of order7"1978; reissue in 2011
funeralwaiting for the bomb blastbloodstains across california1981/1994
chainsawwhat goes onsee-saw1977; velvet underground cover from belgium
razartask force7"1978; australia; OINK OINK OINK OINK
mutantsschool teacherkilled by death #241978/2002
angelic upstartsthe murder of liddle towers7"1978
eaterthinkin' of the USA7"1977
the criticswithout you7"1981
xs energyuse you7"1979
the adverts quickstep7"1978; b-side to one chord wonders
the middle classout of vogue7"1978
minutementwo beads at the enddouble nickels on the dime1983