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Artist Song Album Label Comments New Comp
Piero Umiliani Vierno / Funiculž Funicula Musicaelettronica Easy Tempo Right Tempo Prolific Italian composer of film scores, most famous for his song "Mah N√† Mah N√†"
Momus A Little Schubert Oskar Tennis Champion American Patchwork 2003
Stereo Total Und Wer Wird Sich Um Mich Kummern? Monokini Bungalow 1997
The 6ths with Gary Numan The Sailor in Love with the Sea Hyacinths and Thistles Merge Records 2000
Matmos Polychords Supreme Balloon Matador 2008
Mathematicians XOXO Level Two
The Magnetic Fields I Wish I Had An Evil Twin T I Nonesuch 2004; 7th studio album; All songs begin with "I"
Albert Marcoeur Les Gonfleurs de Bicyclette Sports Et Percussions 1994; French composer, singer and songwriter
Andre Popp Musique Mechanique Popp Musique
Takako Minekawa Brioche Maxi On Trattoria Records / Emperor Norton Japanese musician, composer and writer whose musical skills set her firmly outside of the J-Pop "idol" tradition: she writes and composes most of her material, singing quirky lyrics about subjects such as clouds, cats, and the color white (her personal favorite), with her love of Kraftwerk and French Pop Music also showing through her unique experimental sound. She often makes use of vintage Casio keyboards and analog Moog synthesizers, as well as vocoders and other electronic instruments.
Kraftwerk Franz Schubert Trans-Europe Express Kling Klang 1977; 6th studio album
Faust Fresh Air Fresh Air Bureau B 2017 *
Grails Pelham Chalice Hymnal Temporary Residence 2017 *
Wire An Alibi Silver/Lead Pink Flag 2017 *
Perfume Genius Slip Away No Shape Matador 2017 *
Arca Reverie Arca XL 2017; AKA: Alejandro Ghersi- Venezuelan electronic producer, songwriter, mixing engineer and DJ based in Dalston, London *
Kraftwerk Radioactivity Radio-Activity Kling Klang 1975
Kelly Lee Owens Bird Kelly Lee Owens Smalltown Supersound 2017 *
FLYING D.J. Marilyn Marilyn Dark Entries 1985 (reissued 2017); Italian disco *
Night Moves Transdance (Robot Rock) Transdance Dark Entries 1981/2; reissued 2017; Italian Disco *
M&G Boogie Tonight When I Let You Down 12" Dark Entries 1986; reissued in 2017 Italian disco *
Chrome Hoof Knopheria Black Gold Cuneiform 2013
The Faint Glass Danse Dance Macabre Saddle Creek 2001
Depeche Mode Master & Servant Some Great Reward Mute 1984; 4th album
DEVO Pity You New Traditionalists 1981; 4th album
Battles Atlas Mirrored Warp 2007; Debut full-length
Laurie Anderson From the Air Big Science Warner 1982
Tafo featuring Nahid Akhtar Karye Pyar The Sound of Wonder C
Dan Deacon Woof Woof Bromst Car Park 2009
Yellow Magic Orchestra Rydeen Solid State Survivor Alfa 1979; 2nd studio album
TTC Travailler Travailler Remix Single 2007; French hip hop group from Paris consisting of Tido Berman, Teki Latex, Cuizinier, Orgasmic, Para One, and Tacteel
Zodiac Pacific Unclassics space disco from Latvia
Battles Hi/Lo EP-C Monitor 2004