house-city noise network

with NICKY

sub for hometown soundsystem

Thursday, June 29, 2017
14:00 to 17:00
big blasting
other shows

Artist Song Album Label New Request
Henry Flynt Informal Hillbilly Jive Back Porch Hillbilly Blues Vol 2 Locust
The Nutley Brass Beat on the Brat (Ramones cover) Ramones Songbook 7"
Beatless Ramen Pride 7"
Notwist Where in this World Where in this World 7"
Big Crux Big Funk / No Scars Is a Big FUnk 7"
Flipper Way of the World Generic Flipper
14 Year Old Girls Castlevania Punk Zombies in Robots Out
Cough Supressant Alcoholics Metal is not Dead 7"
The Flashing Lights Where Do the Days Go? Where the Change Is
King Woman Hierophant Created in the Image of Suffering *
Gary Wrong Group Floods of Fire s/t 2xLP *
Nothing is Over Game Crusher / Keep Ya Head Up Negative Fucking Energy
Diaspora Awakening (Death) / Disillusioned Demo 2017 *
Rashomon Corpse Syndrome Demo 2017
New Tongues Great Cop (Fugazi cover) Split 7" with Mad Anthony
Kombat Brain on Fire In Death We Are All the Same
s-21 Power Abuse Year Zero
Fucked Up Led by Hand Glass Boys
Cows In the Mouth Plowed 7"
Cotillion sabotage 7"
Girlpool she goes by Powerplant
Palm Signal to Signal Shadow Expert EP *
Lifetime Theme Song From a New Brunswick Basement Show Jersey's Best Dancers
Title Fight Stab Shed R
Nova Mob Shoot You Way to Freedom 7"
The Gits Bob Enter: The Conquering Chicken
North of America Bayonet Point 7"
Berserk When I Think 7"
Biblical Proof of UFOs Walkie Talkie Vishnu Were Here
Blank Guillotine Lullaby 7"
Yowler Yowler The Offer *
Creeper Lagoon tonight was fun vs. the dead c
Norfolk Rider Hegira 7"
The Nonpareils See-Saw Engine EP
The Besties Rod n Reel 7"
Connections Jeni and Johnny 7"
Young Pioneers Hostage High Again *
Atomic 7 Swingers Ear Gowns by Edith Head
Shadowy Men on a Shadowy Planet Having an Average Weekend Savvy Show Stoppers
Corndolly Come out 7"
Midori Takada Catastrophe Through the Looking Glass *