Scratchy Vinyl

with Tim

Our lives too fine to let it die...

Saturday, June 24, 2017
14:00 to 16:00
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terry riley /songs for the voices of two prohetsarcana
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the courtneyssilver velvetIIflying nun*
loose tooth lisa livesBig day lamo records*
bedroom problemsobligatedbedroom problemsself released
hollieslong dark road single 45epic
powerelectric glitter power boogieelectric glitter boogiein the red *
hold steady constructive summerstay positivevagarantwork at the mill until you die...
mystery girlsautumn turns to fallsomething in the waterin the red
man or astro man reverb 10000destroy all astro man estrus
go team bust out brigade rolling black outsMemphis Industries
amboy dukesjourney to the center of your mindnuggetsrhino C
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nazzopen my eyesnuggetssrhino C
dirt bombssugar on top oeey gooeey chewey ka blooey in the red
potty mouth cherry pickingpotty mouth ep planet whatever
sly and the family stone dance to the music/higher woodstockcotillion
voodoo queenskenuee headsingle 45too pure
ganesdont look for hersingle 45rob house
emerson lake and palmerhoedowngreatest hitsatlantic
metricstadium lovefantasieslast gang
m83*before the dawn heals us mute
manitobahendrix with ko up in flamesdomino
madlibtape hiss /sir bang third ear staxbeat konductastones throw
manitobajacknuggetedup in flamesdominio
friends of distinction grazing in the grasssingle 45rca
polyphonic spreesunthe beginning stages of good records
wagon christ kwikwidetraxsorry i made you lushminjatune
the avalanches since i left you since i left you modular sire
les cooperwahoobecause your funky hub 100
avalanch etwo hearts in since i left you modular sire
incredible bongo bandin a gadda vidaincredible bongo band/
thunderclap neumansomething in the airsingle 45track
the martellsbroadway exitbecause your funky
chastity beltdiffrent nowi used to spend too much time alonehardly art*
dirtbombssunshine girl/we come in the sunshineooey gooey chewy kablooey in the red
crysalliteesundertakers burialtrojan