Mixtape Maker / Heart Breaker

with Julia Factorial

Sunday, June 5, 2005
15:00 to 17:00

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Artist Song Album Label Comments New Request
modern lovers roadrunner original modern lovers mohawk did you buy yr tickets yet? are you super stoked! JESUS H CHRIST! june 14 at the khyber!!!!
elton motello pogo pogo victim of time attic
negativland piece of pie no business seeland "unknown 1950's radio drama, music from assorted movie msucials 1953-1956."... this really sounds like what my head feels like right now. h-u-n-g-o-v-e-r. *
madvillain america's most blunted madvillainy stones throw
collections of colonies of bees track 2 (fun) customer polyvinyl *
the wrens this boy is exhausted the meadowlands absolutely kosher R
belle & sebastian this is just a modern rock song push barman to open old wounds matador *
dragon city the more that she dragon city / perfectionists split 7' extracurricular two favorite philly bands. *
pink floyd interstellar overdrive piper at the gates of dawn a bunch of WAAAY baked kids called in and requested this. sundays are too good to get blunted. even though i did play madvillain. this has been my own public service announcement R
grandaddy now it's on sumday v2
sleater kinney little babies dig me out kill rock stars R
new pornographers all for swinging you around electric version matador R
palomar stay out late 3.5 demo ep s/r *
stephen malkmus post-paint boy face the truth matador *
neil young cowgirl in the sand everybody knows this is nowhere reprise maan. i don't care that this is like an hour long. it is just too good. makes me get all messed up everytime i hear it.
bob dylan i'll keep it with mine biograph columbia i had previously only known the nico version
nathaniel mayer i found out not the same old blues crap vol. 3 fat possum *
langhorne slim the electric love letter when the sun's gone down narnack *
smog running the loping a river ain't too much to love drag city new smog means: i won't be leaving the house for awhile. damn. and i had plans this summer. *
thinking fellers union four o'clocker lovelyville matador
treepeople everytime when i fall down, my head hits the floor hard guilt regret embarassment toxic shock i often get tree people and treehouse confused. YIKES!
mo tucker guess i'm falling in love s/t