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Artist Song Album Label Comments New Request Comp
Cheer-Accident The Autumn Wind Is a Pirate Introducing Lemon Skingraft 2002; Chicago-based band led by composer/pianist Thymme Jones
Il Tempio delle Clessidre Verso l'Alba Il Tempio delle Clessidre Black Widow Records 2010; Brutal Italian Progggg. Band name translated: "The Hourly Temple". Song: "Towards Dawn"
Gosta Berlings Saga Sorterargatan 1 Glue Works 2011; Brutal Swedish prog. Named after the debut novel of Swedish author Selma Lagerlöf, published in 1891. It was made into a 1924 silent film directed by Mauritz Stiller starring Greta Garbo, Lars Hanson and Gerda Lundequist. A 1925 opera I cavalieri di Ekebu by Riccardo Zandonai was also based on it.
Cheer-Accident According to the Spiral Fear Draws Misfortune Cuneiform Records 2009
Il Balletto di Bronzo Primo Incontro Il Ys Polydor 1972; 2nd album; Early Italian prog. Translation: "The Bronze Ballet".
Cheer-Accident The Day After I Never Met You Introducing Lemon Skingraft 2002
Genesis Keep It Dark Abacab Charisma 1981; 11th studio album; describes a man who has been to the future and has seen a bright, happy world where everyone is filled with joy, cities are filled with light, with no fear of war, and all exploitation has ceased as all creatures have happier lives. Once he returns, however, he is pressured to lie about the incident (i.e., to "keep it dark"). Instead he claims that he was kidnapped by thieves who wanted to take his money
Gang Gang Dance Glory in Itself/Egyptian God's Money The Social Registry 2005
Chance Samba do Morro Nao Wave Man Recordings Brazilian no wave from the early 80s
Cheer-Accident Zervas Introducing Lemon Skingraft 2002
Horse Lords Truthers Imventions Northern Spy Records 2016
Tortoise Gigantes Beacons of Ancestorship Thrill 2009; 6th album R
XTC The Somnambulist Machines. Virgin 1980 C
Tortoise Gesceap The Catastrophist Thrill Jockey 2016; Chicago
Cheer-Accident Lifetime Guarantee Putting Off Death Cuneiform 2017; NEW album! Playing tonight in Philly at Sera Phi, 715 S. 50th St *
Cheer-Accident Mescalito Fear Draws Misfortune Cuneiform Records
Sylvie Courvoisier with Michel Godard and Pierre Charial Ocre Y2K Enja 2000
Cheer-Accident The Reenactment Enduring the American Dream Pravda 1997