don't back the front

with dana k

all vinyl!

Artist Song Album Comments
les rallizes denudes blind baby has its mothers eyes blind baby has its mothers eyes 2003
scritti politti p.a's 4 a-sides EP 1979
bunnydrums win 7" 1981
rubella ballet exit ballet bag 2017 (orig 80s)
scars all about you author! author! 1981
savage republic the ivory coast tragic figures 1982
wire go ahead 7" 1979
comsat angels what else?! fiction 1982
wah! seven minutes to midnight nah=poo - the art of bluff 1981
einsturzende neubauten z.n.s halber mensch 1985
no trend mass sterilization caused by venereal disease teen love 1984
happy flowers let's eat the baby (like the gerbils did) oof 1989
stretchheads 23 skinner (theme from rhoda) 12" 1990
big black passing complexion atomizer 1986
my dad is dead cool rain chopping down the family tree 1991
th' faith healers hippy hole lido 1992
more fiends yellow spades toad lickin' 1990
clock dva you're without sound hicks from the sticks 1980
music for pleasure the human factor hicks from the sticks 1980
zeni geva kettle lake nai-ha/superunit 1996