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Artist Song Album Label Comments New
King Crimson 21st Century Schizoid Man In the Court of the Crimson King Atlantic 1969; Debut album;
Univers Zero Emanations Relaps- Archives 1984-1986 Sub Rosa Belgian; Daniel Denis
Magma Nono ATTAHK! Tomato 1978; 8th studio album
Can Halleluhwah Tago Mago United Artists 1971; 3rd studio album. features a vast array of improvised guitars and keyboards, tape editing, and the rhythm section "pounding out a monster trance/funk beat". The drum beat for which the song is famous is repeated almost continuously by Jaki Liebezeit, with only minor variations, throughout the course of the 18-minute jam. In one line of the song, Damo Suzuki's lyrics mention all the songs from side one of Tago Mago: "mushroom head, oh yeah, paper house."
The Soft Machine Why Are We Sleeping? The Soft Machine ABC Probe 1968; Debut
Adrian Belew Big Electric Cat The Lone Rhino Island 1982; Debut solo album
Carla Bley At Midnight II (At Midnight) Musique Mecanique Watt 1979
Brian Eno The Great Pretender Taking Tiger Mountain (By Strategy) Island 1974; 2nd solo album. Robert Wyatt of The Soft Machine contributed heavily to the album
Grace Jones Pars Warm Leatherette Island 1980; 4th album; Written by French pop singer Jacques Higelin
Marie Davidson Adieux au Dancefloor Adieux au Dancefloor Cititrax 2016 *
Yellow Magic Orchestra Rydeen Solid State Survivor Alfa Records 1979; 2nd studio album; Japanese electronic music band consisting of principal members Haruomi Hosono (bass, keyboards, vocals), Yukihiro Takahashi (drums, lead vocals) and Ryuichi Sakamoto (keyboards, vocals)
Flying D.J. Marilyn Marilyn Dark Entries 1985; Italian disco *
Dalek I Dalek I Love You (Destiny) Machines Virgin 1980; Excellent compilation with XTC, Orchestral Maneuvers In the Dark, Gary Numan, John Foxx, Silicon Teens, Karel Fialka, Dalek I were a synthpop group from Liverpool, at various times known as "Dalek I Love You". In 1977,David Balfe and Alan Gill, influenced by Kraftwerk, formed the band.
Air La Femme D'Argent Moon Safari Parlophone 1998; Debut album by this French electronic music duo. It put them on the map.( The Silver Woman/The Money Girl- In English)
Stereolab Baby Lulu Sound-Dust Elektra 2001;
Can Bel-Air Future Days United Artists 1973; 5th studio album
Meredith Monk View 2 Turtle Dreams ECM 1983; American composer, performer, director, vocalist, filmmaker, and choreographer. Since the 1960s, Monk has created multi-disciplinary works which combine music, theatre, and dance, recording extensively for ECM Records. Julius Eastman plays organ on track 1,
J.K. Randall Mudgett: Monologues by a Mass Murderer, Part I: Electronic Prelude Computer Music: Realized in the Computer Centers of Princeton & Columbia Universities Nonesuch James Kirtland Randall was born in Cleveland and grew up a music prodigy, with the ambition that he would become a famous piano player. When James was 17, a piano sonata that he composed was played at Carnegie Hall by his teacher, Leonard Shure. He got a BA at Columbia University, an MA at Harvard University and an MFA at Princeton (studying with Milton Babbitt.) And he joined Princeton's faculty in 1957. At Princeton, he became a pioneer in electronic music, working from the very early days of punch cards. Music from that time includes Lyric Variations for Violin and Computer, Quartets in Pairs, and Quartersines. Later, he did a great deal of free-wheeling improvisation, then late in life came back to composing for piano (the GAP series) and MIDI (a garland of Midi, My Prayer for Bella). Though Randall's music was mostly heard within the small world of academic music, it occasionally reached a wider audience, for instance on the radio show "Schickele Mix":[4] He also wrote about music, published at first in Perspectives of New Music. Many of his writings took the form of highly experimental prose poems.
Cathy Berberian & Luciano Berio Recital I for Cathy Recital I for Cathy RCA 1973
Astor Piazolla Adios Nonino Adios Nonino
Midori Takada Trompe-l'oeil Through the Looking Glass We Release Whatever the ---- We Want Records 1983 *