with DJ Dewey

Wednesday, June 14, 2017
11:00 to 13:00
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Artist Song Album Label Comments Comp
W. Hanna, J. Barbera, & H. Curtin Flinstones (Meet the Flinstones) Television TeeVee Toons
Richard D. Alexander, Donald J. Borror The Songs of Insects Calls of the COmmon Crickets, Grasshoppers, and Cicadas of Eastern United States Cornell University Records
Bert & Ernie I Refuse to Sing Along Bert & Ernie Sing Along CTW
The Bevis Frond Defoliation Part One Inner Marshland Woronzow
Isolation Ward High & Low FM-BX Society Tape 001 S-S Records C
The Bevis Frond I've Got Eyes In The Back of My Head Inner Marshland Woronzow
Alvin Lucier Music for Pure Waves, Bass Drums, and Acoustic Pendulums Sferics lovely music sounds come from "vibrating drum heads on ping pong balls suspended in front of them"
Exclusive0r Book of Dreams Archaea Carrier Records feat. Princeton Professor Jeff Snyder
One Gang Logic The Stand Household Shocks Dark Entries C
Deception Bay Fortune Days Fortune Days EP Independent Project 1984-85
Bauhaus She's In Parties 1979-1983
The Edge Don't Cross My Path Alternative Allston 7" Throbbing Lobster
Echo and the Bunnymen Do It Clean (Live) EP
The Police Roxanne No Wave 1978 C
Comet Gain Never Die Beautiful Despair What's Your Rupture? 2006
Tiger Trap Treasure Sourgrass EP 10" K Records 1993
East River Pipe Psychic Whore EP 7" Hellgate 1992
The Element '79 Born Loser 7" 360 Twist!
New Order Shell Shock Pretty in Pink Original Motion Picture Soundtrack A&M
Savoys Can It Be Back From the Grave Crypt Records C
Ascots So Good Back From the Grave Crypt Records C
BLANCHE BLANCHE BLANCHE Looks Don't Run Wooden Ball NNA Tapes
James Sunday Morning Heaven & Hell, Vol. 1 The Communion Label velvet underground tribute C
Ron Levy I'm Your Professor Blues-A-Rama Vol. 1 Black Top C
Super 3 Philosophy Rappin' Spree boombox 1: early independent hip hop, electro and disco rap 1979-82 Soul Jazz C
Dérobé Dance Band Gogoplata 7" Secret Stash
lcd soundystem Disco Infiltrator Disco Infiltrator 7" DFA/EMI so much fun
PsychoBuildings Birds of Prey 7"-- Birds of Prey/Paradise All Hands Electric
Wooden Ships Death is Not Your Friend 10"-- Shrinking Moon/Death is Not Your Friend
The Hunting Accident Trees and Parks Trees and Parks Self Release
Courtney Love Motorcycle Boy International Pop Underground Convention K 1992 C
The Bats Treason Daddy's Highway Flying Nun 1987
Oyster Band Love Vigilantes Love Vigilantes 10" Cooking Vinyl
Chisel Drill Hammer To Become a Son of Neptune 7"-- To Become a Son of Neptune/Elegy for the Original Intent Grand Theft Autumn 1998
Waylon Jennings Dreaming of Dreams with You Dreaming my Dreams RCA
Velma Fry I Am To Someone I Am To Someone Flying Fish
Buffy Sainte-Marie Not The Lovin' Kind Moonshot Vanguard
Roseanne Cash Rosie Strikes Back s/t Columbia