with deirdre dionysiac

more exercises in spontaneity

ZOOGZ RIFTwith the necessary changes having been madelooser than clams (a historical retrospective)sst records1987, LP
BARBARA ANN AUERfloor stretches - fastaerobic dancinggateway1980, LP
_________B1(this cover was left intentionally blank)breathmint2004, LP
WILLIAM S. BURROUGHS & GUS VAN SANTword is virusthe elvis of letterstim/kerr records1985, LP
FRED FRITHspring any day nowgravityralph records1980, LP
CHRISTIAN MARCLAYfred frith / louis armstrongmore encoresrecommended / no man's land1990, 10"

BON-ROCK & THE RHYTHM REBELLIONsearching rapboombox 1: early independent hip hop, electro and disco rap 1979-82soul jazz2016, 3xLP
REXYfunky buttrunning out of timelucky number / uru1981/2016, LP
ZASU PITTS MEMORIAL ORCHESTRAmustang sallythe pitts bear down (recorded live at the great american music hall, san francisco)kaleidoscope records1985, LP
DANAstreet wavesa god ignored is a demon bornheel turn records2017, LP*
G.I.T. feat. STREET PREACHERSthe warningthe warningself-released1998, 12" single
GARY CLAIL / ON-U SOUND SYSTEMthe emotional hooliganemotional hooliganperfecto records1991, LP
MIKE HUCKABY (ha)circlesounds of the universesoul jazz2016, comp
PAUL DASKENthe wichita linemanthe speckled axself-release1989, LP
ENDlaptop a go-goladies get in free (split w/ jason forrest)brooklyn beats2005, LP
HARRY PARTCHbarstowthe world of harry partchcolumbia recordsLP
JOHN FEKNER CITY SQUAD2 4 5 7 9 11idioblastvinyl gridlock records1984, LP
YOKO ONO / PLASTIC ONO BANDdon't worry kyoko (mummy's only looking for a hand in the snow)cold turkeyapple records1969, 7"

out of breath, but ya can't beat vinyl, hm?
SHOPPINGget goingtypical girls vol 1emotional response2017, comp*
PLAYMATEupside downjapan bashing vol. 2public bath1991, 7"
SOFT SHOULDERstuck inside(a four way split 7")gilgongo records7", 2015, olivia neutron-john (aka anna nasty) and james fella on this one
ABNER JAYcocainethe true story of abner jaymississippi recordsLP
LAS TRIZILLAS DE OROpochoclochicas! spanish female singers vol. 2vampi soul2015
MASONNAhot licks from a cunning linguistjapan bashing vol. 3public bath1991 7"
THE FROGS(thank god i died in) the car crashit's only right and naturalhomestead1989, LP
CHROMEst37alien soundtrackssiren records1977, LP
LOS MICROWAVESforeverlife after breakfastdark entries1981/2013, LP
DER PLANkleine schlager-revuenormalette surpriseoptional records1981, LP
CAROLINER RAINBOW OPEN WOUND CHORALEburdensome bloodrise of the common woodpilenuf sed1991, LP
TOM DIABOlove is a nice dreamdark starbody double records1988/2015, LP
TAIWAN HOUSING PROJECTluminous oblong blurveblen death maskkill rock stars2017, LP*
MYLES JACKSONvarsity cheer, or, a history of the western world at half-timevarsity cheerfolkways stereo1963-1971, LP
FRASER & DEBOLTbroad daylight womanwith pleasurecbs1973, LP
FE-MAILnincompoopsyklubb fra haelvetetv52003, LP
CHARLIE NOTHINGexcerptinside / outsidede stijl2011

i am now six hours between coffees. drastic measures will be taken
MASTERS AT WORKthe ha dance (ken/lou mixx)voguing and the house ballroom scene of new york city 1976-96soul jazz2016, 2xLP
VOGELflaschenzugrecommended records samplerrecommended records1982, LP
OREN AMBARCHIhubris, pt. 3hubriseditions mego2016, LP
RUTH ANDERSONstate of the union messagesplit w/ annea lockwoodopus oneLP

concert calendar
DAVID BOWIEwarszawalowrca1977, LP
FLAT DUO JETSbabys/tdog gone records1990, LP
FLEETWOOD MAChoney hituskwarner bros. (yuck)1979, 2xLP
THE ARMS OF SOMEONE NEWrainbowssusan sleepwalkingdark entries1985/2017, LP*