with deirdre dionysiac

(contrary to fact), there is no message or moral to this story

Saturday, June 10, 2017
22:00 to 01:00
suspending the point of catharsis to infinitude
other shows

Artist Song Album Label Comments New
DIRTY BEACHES hotel badlands zoo music 2010
BLACK DICE night flight creature comforts dfa, fatcat 2004
BATTLES race : in mirrored warp 2007
>>>>> BOURBONESE QUALK chomutov / lullaby archive 1980 - 1986 vinyl-on-demand 2016

22:14 EST
BEAT HAPPENING tiger trap you turn me on sub pop, k 1992
BRABRABRA passport mango kitchen leg records 2013
BARK PSYCHOSIS i know nothing feels / i know cheree records 1990
BJORK unravel homogenic elektra 1997
SEEFEEL polyfusion quique too pure 1993
&&&&& BLOGGS untitled piece for bowls music for multiples fresnl 1999
MY BLOODY VALENTINE blown a wish loveless creation records 1992
THE BLEEDING PEASANT ORCHESTRA pandaemonium sanctuary and truce corrosive growth industries 2013
BEVERLY GLENN-COPELAND the colour of anyhow s/t grt 1970
&&&&& NICHOLAS CHASE, ROBIN LORENTZ drshti bhajan cold blue music 2017 *
BLACK DIRT OAK magic hat presage mie music 2015
OLGA BELL krasnodar krai krai new amsterdam records 2014
BERT JANSCH alice's wonderland s/t transatlantic records 1965
BROSELMASCHINE nossa bova s/t pilz 1971
>>>>> BOARDS OF CANADA happy cycling peel session warp records 1998

23:23 EST
ROBERT ASHLEY friends dust lovely music, ltd. 1999
&&&&& BRIAN BENNETT & ALAN HAWKSHAW mermaid synthesis kpm music 1974
&&&&& BILL HOLT program ten dreamies: auralgraphic entertainment stone theatre productions 1973
VIJAY IYER with PRASANNA and NITIN MITTA falsehood tirtha act 2011
ANNA DOMINO with the day comes the dawn east and west les disques du crepuscule 1983
BRAINIAC transmissions after zero bonsai superstar grass records 1994
DELIA DERBYSHIRE, ANTHONY NEWLEY moogies bloogies moogies bloogies (7") trunk records 2011
BOB CHANCE honey lips it's broken! trunk records 1980/2012
BING SELFISH . ego tripper el frenzy productions 1989
&&&&& BATTLE TRANCE palace of wind i palace of wind new amsterdam records 2014
BILL FRISELL love motel before we were born elektra musician 1989
BARRY ADAMSON under wraps / central control moss side story mute 1989
BATANG FRISCO julie s/t self-released 1986, got the original lp still shrinkwrapped direct from bill dimichele!
>>>>> D.D.A.A. / ADOLF WOLFLI st. adolf's comet necropolis, amphibians and reptiles - the music of adolf wolfli musique brut 1986
BASIL KIRCHIN heart of the north abstractions of the industrial north trunk records 1966/2005
THE BLAKE BABIES you don't give up innocence and experience white, mammoth 1993
&&&&& BRIAN ENO fixed ratio harmonic bells january 07003 / bell studies for the clock of the long now opal records 2003
BACIAMIBARTALI and WINTER LIGHT kill myself 1 baciamibartali and winter light sequence records 1982
BOYD RICE & FIENDS watery leviathan wolf pact neroz 2002
DISCO INFERNO starbound: all burnt out and nowhere to go d.i. go pop rough trade 1994
BLACK DICE endless happiness beaches and canyons dfa 2002
DIRTY BEACHES like the wind water park ost a records 2013, https://vimeo.com/64389539
BAUDOUIN OOSTERLYNCK refuge 1975-1978 metaphon 2008
&&&&& BRIAN ENO canon in d major discreet music obscure, island 1975
BOHREN & DER CLUB OF GORE maximum black black earth wonder 2002
BARK PSYCHOSIS eyes & smiles hex circa 1994
BIG BLOOD destin' rain operators and things don't trust the ruin 2010
BECK everybody's gotta learn sometime eternal sunshine of the spotless mind ost hollywood records (yuck) 2004
>>>>> BILLY? untitled2 billy? plays funny moods test tone music 1993

01:40 EST (why am i still here)
THE DURUTTI COLUMN i get along without you very well 7" factory 1983, vocals by Lindsay Wilson
BERANEK can't go to sleep sound of danger dark entries 1981/2017