with deirdre dionysiac

(contrary to fact), there is no message or moral to this story

Saturday, June 10, 2017
22:00 to 01:00
suspending the point of catharsis to infinitude
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BLACK DICEnight flightcreature comfortsdfa, fatcat2004
BATTLESrace : inmirroredwarp2007
>>>>> BOURBONESE QUALKchomutov / lullabyarchive 1980 - 1986vinyl-on-demand2016

22:14 EST
BEAT HAPPENINGtiger trapyou turn me onsub pop, k1992
BRABRABRApassportmangokitchen leg records2013
BARK PSYCHOSISi knownothing feels / i knowcheree records1990
SEEFEELpolyfusionquiquetoo pure1993
&&&&& BLOGGSuntitled piece for bowlsmusic for multiplesfresnl1999
MY BLOODY VALENTINEblown a wishlovelesscreation records1992
THE BLEEDING PEASANT ORCHESTRApandaemoniumsanctuary and trucecorrosive growth industries2013
BEVERLY GLENN-COPELANDthe colour of anyhows/tgrt1970
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BERT JANSCHalice's wonderlands/ttransatlantic records1965
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>>>>> BOARDS OF CANADAhappy cyclingpeel sessionwarp records1998

23:23 EST
ROBERT ASHLEYfriendsdustlovely music, ltd.1999
&&&&& BRIAN BENNETT & ALAN HAWKSHAWmermaidsynthesiskpm music1974
&&&&& BILL HOLTprogram tendreamies: auralgraphic entertainmentstone theatre productions1973
VIJAY IYER with PRASANNA and NITIN MITTAfalsehoodtirthaact2011
ANNA DOMINOwith the day comes the dawneast and westles disques du crepuscule1983
BRAINIACtransmissions after zerobonsai superstargrass records1994
DELIA DERBYSHIRE, ANTHONY NEWLEYmoogies bloogiesmoogies bloogies (7")trunk records2011
BOB CHANCEhoney lipsit's broken!trunk records1980/2012
BING SELFISH.ego tripperel frenzy productions1989
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BILL FRISELLlove motelbefore we were bornelektra musician1989
BARRY ADAMSONunder wraps / central controlmoss side storymute1989
BATANG FRISCOjulies/tself-released1986, got the original lp still shrinkwrapped direct from bill dimichele!
>>>>> D.D.A.A. / ADOLF WOLFLIst. adolf's cometnecropolis, amphibians and reptiles - the music of adolf wolflimusique brut1986
BASIL KIRCHINheart of the northabstractions of the industrial northtrunk records1966/2005
THE BLAKE BABIESyou don't give upinnocence and experiencewhite, mammoth1993
&&&&& BRIAN ENOfixed ratio harmonic bellsjanuary 07003 / bell studies for the clock of the long nowopal records2003
BACIAMIBARTALI and WINTER LIGHTkill myself 1baciamibartali and winter lightsequence records1982
BOYD RICE & FIENDSwatery leviathanwolf pactneroz2002
DISCO INFERNOstarbound: all burnt out and nowhere to god.i. go poprough trade1994
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BAUDOUIN OOSTERLYNCKrefuge1975-1978metaphon2008
&&&&& BRIAN ENOcanon in d majordiscreet musicobscure, island1975
BOHREN & DER CLUB OF GOREmaximum blackblack earthwonder2002
BARK PSYCHOSISeyes & smileshexcirca1994
BIG BLOODdestin' rainoperators and thingsdon't trust the ruin2010
BECKeverybody's gotta learn sometimeeternal sunshine of the spotless mind osthollywood records (yuck)2004
>>>>> BILLY?untitled2billy? plays funny moodstest tone music1993

01:40 EST (why am i still here)
THE DURUTTI COLUMNi get along without you very well7"factory1983, vocals by Lindsay Wilson
BERANEKcan't go to sleepsound of dangerdark entries1981/2017