don't back the front

with dana k

Artist Song Album Comments New
jill kroesen i am not seeing that you are here stop vicious cycles 1982
the screamers the beat goes on (live) in a better world 1979/2001
rays dead man's curve rays 2017
mekons where were you? mutant pop 78/79 1980
sarcasm instant automaton malarial bog EP 2017
apb shoot you down something to believe in 1985
dzeltenie pastnieki noguris lentu gabalini 2017 (orig mid 80s) *
notsensibles i'm in love with margaret thatcher 7" 1979
i, ludicrous preposterous tales 7" 1987
half man half biscuit the trumpton riots (peel session) peel sessions 1988
stump in the green a fierce pancake 1988
a witness i love you mr. disposable razors 12" 1989
nikki sudden such a little girl pensioners on ecstasy 1990
age of chance motor city 7' 1985
urinals sex negative capability check it out! 1980/1996
vintage crop catfish tv organs 2017
erik nervous ice cream single 2016
feature schedules align banishing ritual 2017
conditioner sisters and sisters suggested use 2016
street eaters left hand the envoy 2017 *
frau safety instructions typical girls vol 1 2016 *
screaming urge homework 7" 1980
young identities positive thinking EP 1979
thought criminals more suicides, please food for thoughtcrimes 1979
screamin' abdabs norbie, sorta love story split LP with city ram waddy 1978/2015
seems twice real arafat non-plussed 1980
voigt/465 state 7" 1978
wild west we can do beat the drought 1981
life in the fridge exists have you checked the children? four stars 1981
commercials simon 16 and 16 again 1981
thin yoghurts the girl on the bus 7" 1980
the rondos which side will you be on? 7" 1980; there is no choice when fascism is a fact!
dog faced hermans incineration humans fly 1988
fourwaycross shimmer shimmer 1987
beyond the implode lassitude 11th hour breakdown 1980