Learn Your ABC's

with deirdre dionysiac

Setting my pretty bird free.

Monday, June 5, 2017
17:00 to 20:00
in the peppermint tea house
other shows

Artist Song Album Label Comments New
BRENDA RAY another dream walatta em records 2007
BRUNO SPOERRI les electroniciens gluckskugel finders keepers 2006 (orig. 1971-1980)
LORI GREEN fall into your world boston underground 1979-1982 moulty records 2008 (orig. 1982)
BIG BLOOD terrapin (oh! syd) big blood & the bleedin' hearts don't trust the ruin 2008, played w/ the beach boys "let's go away for awhile"
BARK PSYCHOSIS shapeshifting ///codename: dustsucker fire records 2004
BRON AREA love stories the trees and the villages glass records 1983, played w/ bobby beausoleil's "lucifer rising" excerpt
>>>>>BURNING STAR CORE nyarlathotep the very heart of the world thin wrist recordings 2005
FOODMAN jazz ez minzoku orange milk records 2016, go see him at philamoca on thursday!
SHOUKICHI KINA w/ RY COODER jing jing blood line time records 1980
TREDICI BACCI swedish tease amore per tutti nna tapes 2016 *
BRION GYSIN junk is no good baby lunapark 0,10 sub rosa 1999, played w/ braden schlager's rummage
BOREDOMS 7777 rebore vol.0: vision recreation by eye aka records, wea japan 2001
BLACK BANANAS spydr brain spydr brain (7") osr tapes 2016
BERGENDY EGYUTTES, ZALATNAY SAROLTA sweetheart bergendy egyuttes & zalatnay sarolta (7") qualiton 1965
BARRY GRAY booth's dry gin stand by for adverts trunk records 2011
BONGWATER we did it again (soft machine cover) double bummer shimmy disc 1988
BLANK SQUARE one way animal 1 castle face 2017
THE BIG BOYS hollywood swinging big boys: the fat elvis compilation touch and go 1993
THE BIRTHDAY PARTY a dead song prayers on fire 4ad 1981
BLURT puppeteer a factory quartet factory 1980
>>>>>BEVERLY GLENN-COPELAND slow dance ...keyboard fantasies... invisible city editions 1986/2016
BILL ORCUTT lip rich a new way to pay old debts palilalia records 2009
BONEFISH SAM AND HIS POWER ORCHESTRA smorgasbord s/t fake fun 2000
THE BLOW little sally tutorial bonus album k records 2002
BARBARA MANNING scissors lately i keep scissors heyday records 1991
BOYRACER everyone's a critic split w/ american culture emotional response 2014
BANDA LOS HIJOS DE LA NINA LUZ el sapo / crees que soy sexy dejala corre (7") soundway 2008 (orig. 1980)
BRAINIAC juicy (on a cadillac) bonsai superstar grass records 1994
BRUCE HACK AND MISS NELSON motorcycle ride / nothing to do the way out record for children dimension 5 1968
BARBARA DANE ramblin' around when i was a young girl horizon records 1962
>>>>>BROTHER AH nuba divine music manufactured recordings 2017 (orig. 1978's unreleased album "the sea")
BLUE GAS marie shadows from nowhere archeo recordings 1983/2017
"BLUE" GENE TYRANNY out of the blue / a letter from home about sound and consciousness out of the blue lovely music, ltd. 1978
BMX BANDITS star wars star wars vinyl japan 1991
BROTHER RESISTANCE star warz rapso rapso take over left ear records 1986/2015
BURNING STAR CORE come back through me (excerpt) the very heart of the world thin wrist recordings 2005
BIG STAR st 100/6 #1 record ardent records 1972
CHRIS BELL i am the cosmos i am the cosmos rykodisc 1992
BLANCHE BLANCHE BLANCHE looks don't run (excerpt) wooden ball nna tapes 2013
deirdre dionysiac thru golden pipes . . .