don't back the front

with dana k

Artist Song Album Comments New
desperate bicycles don't back the front 7" 1977
the mo-dettes paint it black 7" 1980
yachts love you, love you s.o.s 1979
manicured noise metronome 7" 1980/2016
kate fagan i don't wanna be too cool 7" 1980
tronics crush on you love backed by force 1981/2012
48 chairs snap it around 7" 1979
tours language school 7" 1979
yeah yeah noh another side to mrs. quill 7" 1985
sneaky feelings throwing stones send you 1983
the loft why does the rain? 7" 1984
the poppyheads pictures you weave 7" 1988
mordecai morning fog abstract recipe 2017 *
terry 8 girls 8 girls EP 2016
mary lou lord camden town rain kill rock stars compilation 1993
14 iced bears like a dolphin balloon song/like a dolphin 1987
heavenly sort of mine le jardin de heavenly 1992
daskinsey4 optic nervous system typical girls vol 1 2016 *
milk n'cookies not enough girls in the world s/t 1975
sneakers ruby s/t 1976
eleanor rigby over and over 7" 1987
xtc ten feet tall drums and wires 1979
gol gappas albert parker dinner with dougat 1987
blonde redhead 3 o'clock 3 o'clock 2017 *
helium oh the wind and rain the dirt of luck 1995
jawbreaker do you still hate me? 24 hour revenge therapy 1994
dinosaur jr. in a jar you're living all over me 1987
game theory book of millionaires the big shot chronicles 1986
microdisney and the clock comes down the stairs 1985
laurice the dark side of your face best of laurice vol 2 2015 (orig early 70s)