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Artist Song Album Label Comments New
Anne Laplantine & Momus Go Fishing Willy Summerisle Analog UK 2004; also known as Michiko Kusaki or Angelika Koehlermann, is a French musician and video artist
Scott Walker A Lover Loves The Drift 4AD 2006; 13th studio album- monumental work
Leonard Cohen Who By Fire? New Skin for the Old Ceremony Columbia 1974
Roy Harper Hors d'Oeuvres [edit] Stormcock Harvest 1971; 5th studio album; "You can lead a man to slaughter But you're never gonna make him think"
Slapp Happy Slow Moon's Rose Acnalbasac Noom Recommended Records 1973; German/English avant-pop group, formed in Germany in 1972 consisting of Peter Blegvad on guitar, Dagmar Krause on vocals and Anthony Moore on keyboards. recorded in W├╝mme, Germany in 1973 with Faust as their backing band. It had a working title of Casablanca Moon but was never released at the time because it had been rejected by their record label, Polydor. Slapp Happy later re-recorded the album in 1974 for Virgin Records, who released it in 1974 as Slapp Happy. The original 1973 recording of Casablanca Moon, was released as Slapp Happy or Slapphappy by Recommended Records in 1980, and reissued as Acnalbasac Noom in 1982. The title Acnalbasac Noom appears in the lyrics of the song "Casablanca Moon", and is Casablanca Moon with the words written backwards.
mu-Ziq The Fear Remix The Fear Astralwerks 1999
Felt Down An August Path Me And A Monkey On The Moon el Records 1989; 10th & final album
Baby Dee Safe Inside The Day Safe Inside The Day Drag City 2008; 3rd studio album; American performance artist, multi-instrumentalist, and singer-songwriter from Cleveland. Baby Dee began her musical career in the 1970s as a street performer, but soon decided to take work as an organist at a Catholic church in the Bronx for ten years. She then performed as an accordion-player in Coney Island leading to a stint as the bandleader for the Bindlestiff Family Cirkus. She also became known for a street act in which she played harp atop a high-rise tricycle in Manhattan.
Tom Waits I'm Still Here Alice ANTI- 2002; The album contains the majority of songs written for the play Alice. The adaptation was directed by Robert Wilson, whom Waits had previously worked with on the play The Black Rider, and originally set up at the Thalia Theatre in Hamburg in 1992. The play has since been performed in various theatres around the world. The album was co-released with Blood Money, containing songs from a play adapted by Robert Wilson from Georg Buchner's Woyzeck.
The Beatles Sun King Abbey Road Apple 1969; 11th studio album
Laurie Spiegel A Harmonic Algorithm (ver. 1981) Obsolete Systems American composer from Chicago primarily for her electronic-music compositions and her algorithmic composition software Music Mouse. She also plays the guitar and lute. She worked at Bell Laboratories in computer graphics. She recently performed in Philadelphia.
Robert Wyatt Stay Tuned Comicopera Domino Records 2007
The Who Imagine a Man The Who By Numbers MCA 1975; 7th studio album
Queen Innuendo Innuendo Parlophone 1991; 14th & final studio album;
Marianne Faithfull with Mark Bleeke, Peter Becker and Wilbur Pauley Zorn The Seven Deadly Sins
Sylvie Courvoisier with Michel Godard and Pierre Charial Ocre Y2K Enja 2000; BARREL ORGAN FUN TIMES
Michael Mantler (with Jack Bruce) Viele Haben Keine Sprache Many Have No Speech Watt/ECM 1988; with Jack Bruce, Marianne Faithfull, Robert Wyatt, Rick Fenn, the Danish Radio Concert Orchestra; words by Samuel Beckett, Ernst Meister, and Philippe Soupault
Catherine Ribeiro + Alpes La Parole Est A La Victime La Deboussole Philips 1980
Genesis Keep It Dark Abacab Charisma 1981; 11th studio album; describes a man who has been to the future and has seen a bright, happy world where everyone is filled with joy, cities are filled with light, with no fear of war, and all exploitation has ceased as all creatures have happier lives. Once he returns, however, he is pressured to lie about the incident (i.e., to "keep it dark"). Instead he claims that he was kidnapped by thieves who wanted to take his money
Gentle Giant Free Hand Free Hand Chrysalis 1975; 7th studio album
Cheer-Accident The Day After I Never Met You Introducing Lemon Skingraft 2002; Chicago-based band led by composer/pianist Thymme Jones
Catherine Jauniaux Doresc Trei Babys Fluvial 1983; Belgian avant-garde singer. She has been described as a "one-woman-orchestra", a "human sampler", and "one of the best kept secrets in the world of improvised music". is regarded as one of her most accomplished works. She was married to the late American experimental cellist and composer Tom Cora.
Krakatoa Accelerations We Are the Rowboats Cuneiform
Sugar Belly Shake Up Adina Gravikords Whirlies & Pyrophones Ellipsis Arts AKA: William Walker was a Jamaican mento musician in the mid 20th century. Sugar Belly's music was distinctive for his use of a homemade bamboo saxophone, as well as the bamboo fife.
King Missile I'm Open They Shimmy Disc 1988; 2nd studio album; King Missile is John S. Hall
The Go-Betweens The Girl, Black Girl 1978-1990
Pavement Summer Babe [Winter Version] Slanted & Enchanted
Wire Playing Harp for the Fishes Silver/Lead Pink Flag 2017; 16th studio album *
Grails Deeper Politics Chalice Hymnal Temporary Residence 2017 *
Perfume Genius Slip Away No Shape Matador 2017; Seattle-based solo artist Mike Hadreas *
Austra Utopia Future Politics Domino 2017 *
Juana Molina In the Lassa Halo Crammed Discs 2017 *
Sneaks With a Cherry On Top It's a Myth Merge 2017 *
Marie Davidson Adieux au Dancefloor Adieux au Dancefloor Cititrax 2016; Canadian singer, poet, and electronic music producer. Originating from Montreal, she is also one half of the minimal wave duo Essaie Pas, a duo she formed with her partner, Frenchman Pierre Guerineau *
Arca Desafio Arca XL 2017; Arca, AKA: Alejandro Ghersi, is a Venezuelan electronic producer, songwriter, mixing engineer and DJ based in Dalston, London. *
Belle & Sebastian Electric Renaissance Tigermilk Electric Honey 1996
Sparks The Number One Song In Heaven The Number One Song In Heaven Virgin Records 1979; produced and co-written by electro-disco producer Giorgio Moroder