with deirdre dionysiac

the summer's a sorry state of mind

Monday, May 29, 2017
17:00 to 20:00
Art Sickness
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PAVEL OVSYANNIKOVk zvezdam (towards the stars)ritmicheskaya gimnastika (aerobic exercises)melodijaLP, 1985
NOCTURNAL EMISSIONSpower of love (aka bring power to its knees)songs of love and revolutiondark vinylCD, 1992 (orig. 1985)
XEXpartygroup: xexdark entriesLP, 1980/2011
ANN STEELmy timeann steelduriumLP, 1979
ANOREXIAi'm a squarerapist in the parkslim records7", 1980
RUBELLA BALLETbluesballet bagdark entriesLP, 1982/2017*
SNEAKSinside editionit's a mythmergeCD, 2017*
REXYin the forcerunning out of timelucky number / uruLP, 1981/2016
ARIEL PINK'S HAUNTED GRAFFITIsymphony of the nymphmature themes4ADCD, 2012
JACQUES DUTRONCmerde in francemerde in france (@33rpm)gaumont musique7", 1984
SEVERED HEADSalaskan polar bear heater (excerpt)clifford darling, please don't live in the pastdark entries2xLP, 1985/2015
FLYING D.J.marilyn (@33rpm)marilyndark entries12" single, 1985/2017*
THE AMAZING BIRTHSdial outyounger mooncylindrical habitat modules (55th module)LP, 2011, played simultaneously with "marilyn"
RUBIN STEINER & CHARLIE Ol'art du chindogujingles & generiquesmovies in your head, vol. 3 (ppt/stembogen)CD, 2007
APRIL SHOWERSabandon shipabandon shipchrysalis / big star7", 1984
THE RED CRAYOLA with ART & LANGUAGEan old man's dreaman old man's dreamrough trade7", 1981
THE APARTMENTShelpthe return of the hypnotistlcmr7", 1979/2017
>>>>>MARI KIMURAvoyage apollonianvoyage apollonianinnova recordingsCD, 2017*
ANDIE OPPENHEIMERmodern wondernew mexicominimal waveLP, 1982/2016 mixed in ABH's "spin/off"
AMOEBAS IN CHAOSdesigner geneson to maydayhardly musicLP, 1982
ART & LANGUAGEdon't talk to sociologists...music: corrected slogansdrag cityLP, 1976/2015, mixed in Nam June Paik's "hommage a John Cage"
ART BEARSfreedomthe world as it is todayre recordsLP, 1981
ANONYMOUScorporate foodcorporate food b/w snake attackflat records7", 1980
ALTERNATIVEwhere are your hiroshimas?if they treat you like shit - act like manurecorpus christiLP, 1984
A WITNESSkitchen sink dramaloudhailer songsron johnson records12" EP, 1985
TAKAKO MAMIYAmayonoka no jokulove tripkitty recordsLP, 1982
BETTY HARRISthere's a break in the roadthere's a break in the road b/w show itsoul jazz / sansu7", 2016 (orig. 1969)
JOHN OSWALDdabplunderphonicmystery tape laboratoryCD, 1989
ATA KAKyemmpa abaobaa simaawesome tapes from africaCD, 1994/2015
UNIT 3 with VENUSpajama partyrodney on the roq vol. iiiposh boyLP, 1982
DZELTENIE PASTNIEKInogurislentu gabalinidark entriesLP, 2017 (rec. 1981-87)*
ZULEMAgiving upms. zsussexLP, 1973
ANDREW LILESgrandpiggymurderers, maniacs, madmen & monstersmerzbild (monster series)CD, 2013
A. K. KLOSOWSKI / PYROLATORzv9home-taping is killing musicbureau bCD, 1985/2013
AAAH...!sound machinecrispy nuggets vol. 3crispy nuggetsmp3, ????
ANDROGYNOUS MINDknock on my doornightstalkerfaux discxmp3, 2013
POLISARIOuntitledmusic from saharan cellphones vol. 2sahel soundscassette, 2011
YOKO ONO / PLASTIC ONO BANDwhy notyoko ono / plastic ono bandsecretly canadian / chimera musicLP, 1970/2016
SAVANTneo-realistartificial dancervng intl.2xLP, 2015 (orig. 1983)
A. K. KLOSOWSKI / PYROLATORhifidelityhome-taping is killing musicbureau bCD, 1985/2013
ANOTHER SUNNY DAYyou should all be murderedyou should all be murdered (three songs)sarah records7", 1989