with deirdre dionysiac

the summer's a sorry state of mind

Monday, May 29, 2017
17:00 to 20:00
Art Sickness
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Artist Song Album Label Comments New
PAVEL OVSYANNIKOV k zvezdam (towards the stars) ritmicheskaya gimnastika (aerobic exercises) melodija LP, 1985
NOCTURNAL EMISSIONS power of love (aka bring power to its knees) songs of love and revolution dark vinyl CD, 1992 (orig. 1985)
XEX party group: xex dark entries LP, 1980/2011
ANN STEEL my time ann steel durium LP, 1979
ANOREXIA i'm a square rapist in the park slim records 7", 1980
RUBELLA BALLET blues ballet bag dark entries LP, 1982/2017 *
SNEAKS inside edition it's a myth merge CD, 2017 *
REXY in the force running out of time lucky number / uru LP, 1981/2016
ARIEL PINK'S HAUNTED GRAFFITI symphony of the nymph mature themes 4AD CD, 2012
JACQUES DUTRONC merde in france merde in france (@33rpm) gaumont musique 7", 1984
SEVERED HEADS alaskan polar bear heater (excerpt) clifford darling, please don't live in the past dark entries 2xLP, 1985/2015
FLYING D.J. marilyn (@33rpm) marilyn dark entries 12" single, 1985/2017 *
THE AMAZING BIRTHS dial out younger moon cylindrical habitat modules (55th module) LP, 2011, played simultaneously with "marilyn"
RUBIN STEINER & CHARLIE O l'art du chindogu jingles & generiques movies in your head, vol. 3 (ppt/stembogen) CD, 2007
APRIL SHOWERS abandon ship abandon ship chrysalis / big star 7", 1984
THE RED CRAYOLA with ART & LANGUAGE an old man's dream an old man's dream rough trade 7", 1981
THE APARTMENTS help the return of the hypnotist lcmr 7", 1979/2017
>>>>>MARI KIMURA voyage apollonian voyage apollonian innova recordings CD, 2017 *
ANDIE OPPENHEIMER modern wonder new mexico minimal wave LP, 1982/2016 mixed in ABH's "spin/off"
AMOEBAS IN CHAOS designer genes on to mayday hardly music LP, 1982
ART & LANGUAGE don't talk to sociologists... music: corrected slogans drag city LP, 1976/2015, mixed in Nam June Paik's "hommage a John Cage"
ART BEARS freedom the world as it is today re records LP, 1981
ANONYMOUS corporate food corporate food b/w snake attack flat records 7", 1980
ALTERNATIVE where are your hiroshimas? if they treat you like shit - act like manure corpus christi LP, 1984
A WITNESS kitchen sink drama loudhailer songs ron johnson records 12" EP, 1985
TAKAKO MAMIYA mayonoka no joku love trip kitty records LP, 1982
BETTY HARRIS there's a break in the road there's a break in the road b/w show it soul jazz / sansu 7", 2016 (orig. 1969)
JOHN OSWALD dab plunderphonic mystery tape laboratory CD, 1989
ATA KAK yemmpa aba obaa sima awesome tapes from africa CD, 1994/2015
UNIT 3 with VENUS pajama party rodney on the roq vol. iii posh boy LP, 1982
DZELTENIE PASTNIEKI noguris lentu gabalini dark entries LP, 2017 (rec. 1981-87) *
ZULEMA giving up ms. z sussex LP, 1973
ANDREW LILES grandpiggy murderers, maniacs, madmen & monsters merzbild (monster series) CD, 2013
A. K. KLOSOWSKI / PYROLATOR zv9 home-taping is killing music bureau b CD, 1985/2013
AAAH...! sound machine crispy nuggets vol. 3 crispy nuggets mp3, ????
ANDROGYNOUS MIND knock on my door nightstalker faux discx mp3, 2013
POLISARIO untitled music from saharan cellphones vol. 2 sahel sounds cassette, 2011
YOKO ONO / PLASTIC ONO BAND why not yoko ono / plastic ono band secretly canadian / chimera music LP, 1970/2016
SAVANT neo-realist artificial dance rvng intl. 2xLP, 2015 (orig. 1983)
A. K. KLOSOWSKI / PYROLATOR hifidelity home-taping is killing music bureau b CD, 1985/2013
ANOTHER SUNNY DAY you should all be murdered you should all be murdered (three songs) sarah records 7", 1989