don't back the front

with dana k

Artist Song Album Comments New
devo wiggly word duty now for the future 1977
x-ray pop alcool the dream machine 1985/2012
deux game & performance minimal waves tapes vol 1 1983/2010
metal boys tokio airport tokio airport 1980/2004
the neon judgment the fashion party cockerill-sombre 1983/2017
fix + fertig cube carrelage blanc subnormal girls volume 2 1984/2016
our daughter's wedding dance floor digital cowboy 1981
executive slacks the bus executive slacks 1983/2014
crash course in science cardboard lamb signals from pier thirteen 1981/2014
experimental products anesthetic prototype 1982
bad doctors AC burning city 2014
void vision in 20 years 7" 2010
severed heads dead eyes opened 12" 1984/2014
adult. uncomfortable positions detroit house guests 2017 *
autonervous still kaltes autonervous 2006
rank/xerox ingenue M.Y.T.H 2017
sneaks PBNJ it's a myth 2017 *
orange disaster out of the room something's got to give 1980
phew new world light sleep 2017
add n (to x) barry 7's contraption avant hard 2001
cabo boing swirl up blob on a grid 2017
zom zoms cigarette zom zoms 2005
nero's day at disneyland no money down low monthly payments from rotting fantasylands 2009
macula dog anvils of love why do you look like your dog? 2016
the residents smelly tongues meet the residents 1974
equal local lamp that can't stop it! australian post punk 1982/2001
fred frith cap the knife cheap at half the price 1983
chaz jankel 3,000,00 synths 7" 1981