Sprites Led Me from the Hospital Bed

with deirdre dionysiac

from industry to greenery

Thursday, May 18, 2017
23:00 to 01:00
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ASMUS TIETCHENSviertes nachtstucknachtstucke (expressions et perspectives sonores temporelles)eggLP, 1980
HIGH PLAINSa white truckcinderlandkrankyCD, 2017*
ARSENY AVRAAMOV (reconstructed by SERGEY KHISMATOV)the symphony of industrial hornshttp://khismatov.com/The_Symphony_of_Industrial_Horns.html(none)1922/2009, throughout the piece I played with the visual spatialization tool provided by the website, designed to give you the sense that you are moving about in the vast space of the event
ABECEDARIANSthe misery of citieseurekapylon records2xLP, 1986/2012
AGE COIN / ALBERT AYLER / AUFGEHOBEN / FROM NURSERY TO MISERY~impromptu mix~..what fun we're having
A BLAZE COLOURthrough with life (demo)against the dark trees beyondself-releasedcassette, 1981
A GETHSEMANIcarrousselame tristeself-releasedcassette, 1987 & From Nursery to Misery continues...
A BAD DIANAchant d'amour / da mortthe lights are on but no one's homeunited jnanaCD, 2007
KELLY LEE OWENSbirdkelly lee owenssmalltown supersoundCD, 2017*
LENA PLATONOSlegosun masksdark entriesLP, 2016 (orig. 1984)
ANNETTE PEACOCKreal and defined androgensx-dreamsauraLP, 1978
FIFTY FOOT HOSEgod bless the childcauldronweasel disc recordsCD, 1994 (orig. 1968)
LITTLE ANNIEfreddy and mesongs from the coal mine canarydurtro / jnana recordsCD, 2006
GRAEME MILLER & STEVE SHILLhattyfatteners rowthe moomins ostfinders keepers recordsCD, 2017
ANIMAL COLLECTIVEgood lovin' outsidesung tongsfatcat recordsCD, 2004
DEUX FILLESfleur's dollsilence & wisdom / double happinessdark entries2xLP, 2016
>>>>>AL GROMER KHANshadwellchai & rosestea time musicCD, 2004
ANENONtonalabelow the radar 23wire magazinemp3, 2016
REQUIEMrealisationfor a world aftermental experienceCD, 2017 (orig. 1981)*