Sprites Led Me from the Hospital Bed

with deirdre dionysiac

from industry to greenery

Thursday, May 18, 2017
23:00 to 01:00
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Artist Song Album Label Comments New
ASMUS TIETCHENS viertes nachtstuck nachtstucke (expressions et perspectives sonores temporelles) egg LP, 1980
HIGH PLAINS a white truck cinderland kranky CD, 2017 *
ARSENY AVRAAMOV (reconstructed by SERGEY KHISMATOV) the symphony of industrial horns http://khismatov.com/The_Symphony_of_Industrial_Horns.html (none) 1922/2009, throughout the piece I played with the visual spatialization tool provided by the website, designed to give you the sense that you are moving about in the vast space of the event
ABECEDARIANS the misery of cities eureka pylon records 2xLP, 1986/2012
AGE COIN / ALBERT AYLER / AUFGEHOBEN / FROM NURSERY TO MISERY ~impromptu mix~ . . what fun we're having
A BLAZE COLOUR through with life (demo) against the dark trees beyond self-released cassette, 1981
A GETHSEMANI carroussel ame triste self-released cassette, 1987 & From Nursery to Misery continues...
A BAD DIANA chant d'amour / da mort the lights are on but no one's home united jnana CD, 2007
FROM NURSERY TO MISERY . demo tape . .
KELLY LEE OWENS bird kelly lee owens smalltown supersound CD, 2017 *
LENA PLATONOS lego sun masks dark entries LP, 2016 (orig. 1984)
ANNETTE PEACOCK real and defined androgens x-dreams aura LP, 1978
FIFTY FOOT HOSE god bless the child cauldron weasel disc records CD, 1994 (orig. 1968)
LITTLE ANNIE freddy and me songs from the coal mine canary durtro / jnana records CD, 2006
GRAEME MILLER & STEVE SHILL hattyfatteners row the moomins ost finders keepers records CD, 2017
ANIMAL COLLECTIVE good lovin' outside sung tongs fatcat records CD, 2004
DEUX FILLES fleur's doll silence & wisdom / double happiness dark entries 2xLP, 2016
>>>>>AL GROMER KHAN shadwell chai & roses tea time music CD, 2004
ANENON tonala below the radar 23 wire magazine mp3, 2016
REQUIEM realisation for a world after mental experience CD, 2017 (orig. 1981) *