don't back the front

with dana k

the fallthe man whose head expanded7"1983
bush tetrassnakes crawl7"1980
the exhuman cardisturbing domestic peace1980
marbled eyeformerEP 22017
xetasthe gazethe tower2017*
blowdryerdeprogrammeddeprogrammed EP2014
penetrationmovementpeel sessions1978
diagram brotherswe are all animals7"1981
foreign mothersplan b (dead inside)DUH2012
erase erratatongue tiedother animals2001
ex modelsgirlfriend is worseother mathematics2001
guerilla tossthe string gameGT ULTRA2017
WALL save meuntitled2017
the yummy furplastic cowboynight club1996
VATSgreen glass roomgreen glass room2016
suburban lawnspioneerssuburban lawns1981
live skullsparkybringing home the bait1985
the rutssavage circlethe crack1979
feedtimeha has/t1985
psychic teenshexhex2017
swell mapsbig maz in the desertin "jane from occupied europe"1980
taiwan housing projectwhat's it all about (inadvertent ode to the mind of hellion)veblen death mask2017
six finger satelliterabies (baby's got the)severe exposure1995
slowdivestar rovingslowdive2017
thigh masterb.b.c7"2017*
las robertaswaves of the newwaves of the new2017
versusbright light7"1992
swirliespancakeblonder tongue audio baton1992
lida husikcalifornia oregonbozo1991
wirethis timesilver/lead2017*