don't back the front

with dana k

Artist Song Album Comments New
the fall the man whose head expanded 7" 1983
bush tetras snakes crawl 7" 1980
the ex human car disturbing domestic peace 1980
marbled eye former EP 2 2017
xetas the gaze the tower 2017 *
blowdryer deprogrammed deprogrammed EP 2014
penetration movement peel sessions 1978
diagram brothers we are all animals 7" 1981
foreign mothers plan b (dead inside) DUH 2012
erase errata tongue tied other animals 2001
ex models girlfriend is worse other mathematics 2001
guerilla toss the string game GT ULTRA 2017
WALL save me untitled 2017
the yummy fur plastic cowboy night club 1996
VATS green glass room green glass room 2016
suburban lawns pioneers suburban lawns 1981
live skull sparky bringing home the bait 1985
the ruts savage circle the crack 1979
institute powerstation subordination 2017
feedtime ha ha s/t 1985
psychic teens hex hex 2017
swell maps big maz in the desert in "jane from occupied europe" 1980
taiwan housing project what's it all about (inadvertent ode to the mind of hellion) veblen death mask 2017
six finger satellite rabies (baby's got the) severe exposure 1995
slowdive star roving slowdive 2017
thigh master b.b.c 7" 2017 *
las robertas waves of the new waves of the new 2017
versus bright light 7" 1992
swirlies pancake blonder tongue audio baton 1992
lida husik california oregon bozo 1991
wire this time silver/lead 2017 *