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Monday, May 15, 2017
18:00 to 20:00
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Artist Song Album Label Comments New
The New Pornographers Juke Whiteout Conditions Concord 2017; Canadian superindie (great and synthy new album!) *
Rostam Gwan single Matsor 2017; NYC multi-instrumentalist (was in Dirty Projectors & Vampire Weekend & Discovery) (poppy but nice strings!)
Woven Wild Needle Points Bom Tugangu s/r 2014; Philly psych-rock (chaotic became super grungy psychedelia)
Temples Mystery of Pop Volcano Fat Possum 2017; British psych-pop (bouncy & hand-clapping!) *
Big Spider's Back Dream Sequencer Beverly Centaur Hush Hush 2017; dance in the bedroom electronic from Seattle (ooh yeah, builds a LOT!)
Tortoise It's All Around You It's All Around You Thrill Jockey 2004; Philly post-rock (great instrumental piece with, again, bouncy backline)
Redspencer Ride It Out Perks Deaf Ambitions 2016; Melbourne beach rock
Triathalon I Want It single Broken Circles 2016; Savannah, GA soul rock (great bass riff!)
The Babe Rainbow Peace Blossom Boogy single Sony 2017; Vancouver psych-groovesmith Cameron Reed (back to the past but entirely new)
Magic Potion Deep Web Melt EP s/r 2015; Stockholm slacker rock (great upbeat stoner)
J.Views & Milosh Don't Pull Away single j.viewz 2015; electro-r&b duo (LA + NYC = soul :) )
Desmond Cheese Dope VHS Master Fame & Fortune s/r 2013; Brisbane beatsmiths Makcheese & Desmond Bagely (WOW super groove)
Flica F Songs of Twilight compilation p*dis 2010; Kuala Lumpur electro-acoustic (so sweet and spacey)
Hoops Underwater Theme Tape #3 s/r 2016; Midwestern power pop on tapes (warbly instrumental)
Zomby & Reark Natalia's Song Dedication 4AD 2011; London dubstep (dark experimental)
The Arms of Someone New The Fisherman Susan Sleepwalking Dark Entries 2017 [1985]; British Eno-esque sad synth duo (quintessential depressing oldies) *
Sneaks With A Cherry On Top It's A Myth Merge 2017; DC minimal post-punk artist Eva Moolchan (super unique electronic vibe going on here) *
Serafim Tsotsonis A Ride With Suzie She Swims Hush Hush 2017; Greek electropianist (sad and somber ambience)
Fjordne Last Sun The Setting Sun Kitchen. 2009; Japanese experimentalist Fujimoto Shunichiro (great free acoustic elements here)
Angelo de Augustine Truly Gone single Asthmatic Kitty 2017; Thousand Oaks, CA acoustic soloist (pretty and soft)
Emptyset Dissolve Borders Thrill Jockey 2017; Bristol experimental techno (like a double bass but INSANE)
Slowdive Slomo Slowdive Dead Oceans
The Jesus and Mary Chain Always Sad Damage and Joy
Ryan Teague Surface Tension Site Specific
Lemuria Mechanical Get Better
Cayetana Mesa New Kind of Normal
Sinai Vessel Looseleaf Brokenlegged
Nzznzzzznnznznnn (several songs) Fat Worm Of Error USED THIS FOR BACKGROUND = CRAZY