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Artist Song Album Label Comments New
The Who Armenia City In The Sky The Who Sell Out
Sparks Ts Indiscreet Island 1975
Sparks Never Turn Your Back On Mother Earth Propaganda Island 1974
The Who Tattoo The Who Sell Out Track 1967; 3rd studio album; concept album, formatted as a collection of unrelated songs interspersed with faux commercials and public service announcements,The album purports to be a broadcast by pirate radio station Radio London. Part of the intended irony of the title was that The Who were making commercials during that period of their career
Future Bible Heroes Let's Go To Sleep (And Never Come Back) Partygoing Merge 2013; 3rd album
Yuzo Koshiro Streets of Rage - Fighting in the Street Bare Knuckle OST Japanese video game music composer, arranger, and music programmer. He is often regarded as one of the most influential innovators in chiptune and video game music, producing music in a number of genres, including various electronic genres (such as breakbeat, electro, hardcore, house, jungle, techno, and trance.) "Streets of Rage" was a 1991 Sega beat 'em up video game series. It was called "Bea Nakkuru", or "Bare Knuckle," in Japan
The Feelies Everybody's Got Something To Hide (Except Me And My Monkey) Crazy Rhythms Stiff Records 1980; Debut. From Haledon, New Jersey
Tom Waits Lie To Me Orphans: Brawlers, Bawlers & Bastards Anti- 2006
Morphine I'm Yours, You're Mine The Night 2000; 5th & final album
The Magnetic Fields All The Umbrellas In London Get Lost Merge 1995; 5th studio album
Fabio Frizzi Violenza La Pelle Soundtrack to the 1981 Liliana Cavani Italian WWII film, "La Pelle" (The Skin), starring Marcello Mastroianni, Ken Marshall, Claudia Cardinale and Burt Lancaster, from Curzio Malaparte's book La Pelle. Born in Bologna, Emilia-Romagna, Italy he is best known for his film scores and was a frequent collaborator with horror director Lucio Fulci.
Bill Nelson Another Kiss for Your Slender Neck The Practice of Everyday Life
Gary Numan I'm An Agent Telekon Beggars Banquet 1980; 4th studio album (and 2nd under his own name) the third and final studio release of what Numan retrospectively termed the "machine" section of his career, following 1979's Replicas and The Pleasure Principle.
Brian Eno Some Of Them Are Old Here Come The Warm Jets Island 1974; solo debut
Ganger Upye Hammock Style Domino 1998; 2nd studio album; Glaswegian post-rock band with members who also played with Bis, Aereogramme, and Fukuyama.
Coil Ostia (The Death of Pasolini) Horse Rotorvator Force & Form 1986; 2nd full-length studio album; about the mysterious murder of controversial anti-Fascist filmmaker & poet Pier Paolo Pasolini. Eventually, Pino Pelosi, was charged with the murder
The Residents Six More Miles (To The Graveyard) Stars & Hank Forever! (American Composer Series Vol. 2) Ralph Records 1986; the second (and last) release in the American Composers Series by the avant garde band The Residents. The album was released in 1986. This particular release featured a side of Hank Williams songs and a medley of John Philip Sousa marches. This was also the last studio album to feature Snakefinger. Hank Williams cover- one of the earliest songs Hank Williams published as a songwriter; it was one of several compositions that appeared in his self-published song folios in 1945 and 1946. The original version contained a verse not heard in Hank's version: "Left her in that lonely church yard, left my darlin' alone/Now I'm sad, my heart is cryin', as I wander through life alone." Although Williams recorded the song in April 1947, it did not surface until it appeared as the B-side to "I Saw the Light" in September 1948.
Snakefinger Don't Lie Greener Postures Ralph Re 1980; 2nd studio album; Philip Charles Lithman (17 June 1949 – 1 July 1987), who performed under the stage name Snakefinger, was an English musician, singer and songwriter. A multi-instrumentalist, he was best known for his guitar and violin work and his collaborations with The Residents.
Gary Wilson Hold Back the Daylight Mary Had Brown Hair 2004; "Something deep in me went wrong, yeah, it did!"
The Red Krayola Woof Singles 1968-2002 Drag City
Ibibio Sound Machine Joy (Idaresit) Uyai Merge 2017 *