Morning Classical

with Bob

Tuesday, May 9, 2017
08:30 to 11:00
Chamber Music
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Composer Piece Soloist/
Label Comments
Schubert, Franz C Major String Quintet Pablo Casals. Isaac Stern et al Sony SMK 58 992 8:30
Cone, Edward T. 21 Little Preludes Adam Tendler MIMM 2015 Ebb and Flow 9:10
Cone, Edward T. Serenade Rosenfeld, flute; Stevens, violin; Rawls, viola; Whitfield, cello CRi CD 737 9:25
Cone, Edward T. Hedgehog Mimmi Fulmer, soprano; Jeffrey Farrington, piano CRi CD 737 9:98
Cone, Edward T. Duo Clarintet and Violin Scott Anderson; Ignace Jang MIMM 2015 Ebb and Flow 10:15
Cone, Edward T. String Quartet No. 2 Anna Lim,Tom Kraines, et al NA 10:30