with Abbie from Mars

People Say the 80s Were Cheesy but Actually the 21st Century is Cheesy

Friday, May 5, 2017
01:00 to 03:00
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Artist Song Album Label Comments New
Applesauce Tears High on Ludlow Commuters Black Cottage ~21st century~ *
Depeche Mode Fly on the Windscreen Black Celebration Mute 80s!!
Gary War Born of Light "Police Water" EP Sacred Bones ~21st century~
M83 Ok Pal Hurry Up We're Dreaming Mute ~21st century~
Shout Out Louds Tonight I Have To Leave It Our Ill Wills Merge ~21st century~
Shy Child Astronaut Noise Won't Stop Kill Rock Stars ~21st century~
The Rapture Miss You In the Grace of Your Love DFA ~21st century~
Temples Roman God-like Man Volcano Fat Possum ~21st century~ *
My Disco Turn Little Joy Temporary Residence ~21st century~
Mouse on Mars The End Radical Connector Thrill ~21st century~
Weekend Mirror Jinx Slumberland ~21st century~
When Saints Go Machine Mannequin Infinity Pool !K7 ~21st century~
Caracoa Stolen Deity New Middle Passage Inam ~21st century~ *
My Brightest Diamond Magic Rabbit Tear it Down Asthmatic Kitty ~21st century~

Poetry: "Mars Poetica" by Wyn Cooper (over Dielectric Minimalist All-Stars "Forth-Reich")
Dielectric Minimalist All-Stars Cocaine Lovin' Orange County Kids [i!] Dielectric ~21st century~
Console My Dog Eats Beats Rocket in the Pocket Matador 1999 so basically ~21st century~
Clark Growls Garden Totem's Flare Warp ~21st century~
Raymond Scott Nursery Rhyme Soothing Sounds for Baby Basta But wait... what's this? Whacked out electronic sounds from 1962 written for infants?
Amon Duul Ein wunderhubsches Madchen traumt von Sandosa This is Amon Duul Repetoire And now the most hippyish 60s commune krautrock ever? Alright, if there was a pattern, I've broken it.