don't back the front

with dana k

the trypesthe undertow the explorers hold1984
the homosexualsfalse sentimentsthe homosexuals record1984
aconitethe truth about cablemessthetics greatest hiss2008 (orig early 80s)
brian enokurt's rejoinderbefore and after science1977
as, hem, syrup (dry rib)in the trainwhose lack trickle2008 (orig late 70s)
r. stevie moore and jason falknerguitar interplemake it be2017*
cleaners from venustoo sick for kissingblow away your troubles1981
the farmer's boysi lack concentrationwhatever is he like? 7"1982
king missilemargaret's eyesthey1988
the gistthis is loverough trade records compilation1981
the cannanes52 linthorpelove affair with nature1989
the method actorsdo the methodthis is it1980
broadcastthe book loverswork and non-work1997
maximum joyin the air7"1981
a certain ratioflight12"1980
ironing musicdon't wish it awayoz waves: australian diy 1982-19892017 (orig 80s)
essendon airportrunway rocksonic investigations of the trivial1980
holger czukayhey baba reeboprome remains rome1987
picky picnicanimaha ha! tarachine1985
gongsold to the highest buddhaangel's egg1973
cardiacsR.E.Sthe seaside1984
god and the stateart for spasticsruins1985
j.j burnelfreddie laker (concorde and eurobus)euroman cometh1979
bruce haacknational anthem to the moonthe electric lucifer1970
david arvedon and the psychopathsliving in a cavitythe white album2017*
avant gardenerswhere are my hormones?the deadwood stage1984
mayo thompsonto youcorky's debt to his father1970
felliniteu ingles3 lugares diferentes1987
we all togetherit's a sin to go awaywe all together1972
ata kakmomo yendodoobaa sima2015 (orig late 80s)