the sonic bloom

with esoterica

Tuesday, May 2, 2017
14:00 to 17:00
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lalo schifrindirtyharry themedirty harry soundtrackaleph1972C
surf punksmy beach go homemy beach go homeepic1977
the beatlesyou can't do thathard day's nightparlophone1964
the slitsinstant hitcutisland1979
patti smith gloria/kimberlygloria/kimberlyarista1975
third ear banddruid onealchemyharvest (u.k.)1969
pretendersmystery achievements/tnova (portugal)1980
david bowiespeed of lifelowrca1977
flesheaterslife's a dirty rathard road to followupsetter1983R
dionne warwickwalk on bysinglescepter1964
talking headsthe book i readtalking heads '77sire1977
the slitslife on earthreturn of the giant slitscbs1982
julie andrewsmy favourite thingssound of musicrca1965
sex pistolsholidays in the sunnever mind the bollocksvirgin1977
paul williamsjust an old fashioned love songevergreens:best of the a&m yearsa&m 2004C
the 101erskeys to your heartthe chiswick story: adventures of an independent labelchisiwck1982C
the velvet underground and nicoheroin (stereo version)the velvet underground and nicoverve1966
eno/calelay mylovewrong way upopal1990
the slitsearthbeat and earthdubsplit 12"cbs1981
dr. feelgoodcheque bookdown by the jettyua1975
jeff becknadiayou had it comingepic2000R
wireex-lion tamerpink flagharvest1977
viv albertinewhen it was nicethe vermillion bordercadiz2012
willie hutchthe chasefoxy brown soundtrackmotown1974
ellen foleywe belong to the nightwe belong to the nightepic1979
the feeliesin betweenin betweenbar/none2017*
climax blues bandright now/nogalessense of directionsire1974R
zor beylerintrouzelli psychedelic analouuzelli2017*C
zor beylergozumdeki yaslaruzelli psychedelic analouuzelli2017*C
flesheaterscyranodestroyed by firesst1987