don't back the front

with dana k

Wednesday, April 26, 2017
23:00 to 01:00
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Artist Song Album Comments New
immune system submerged 7" 1979; chicago
WALL charmed life untitled 2017 *
beat happening i let him get to me s/t 1985
emily's sassy lime pineapple boys need not apply summer vacation EP 1994
mctells jesse man rae 7" 1988
sindy arthur waiting for a raincoat what about 1987; gina from marine girls
sarandon kill twee pop! kill twee pop! 2008
puff pieces psychological test 7" 2014
the nerves hanging on the telephone 25th anniversary 1976/2001
the out who is innocent? 7" 1979
the lambrettas go steady 7" 1979
the newtown neurotics hyprocrite 7" 1979
nervus rex don't look 7" 1979
the bags survive all bagged up 1978/2007
vanity you'll never matter much to them don't be shy 2016
flesh world strawberry bomber the wild animals in my life 2015
dana street waves a god ignored is a demon born 2017 *
sneaks look like that it's a myth 2017 *
spotting beaut dads S/T EP 2016
suss cunts anaemic boyfriends S/T EP 2016
henry's dress jimmy bust 'em green 1996
rexy don't turn me away running out of time 1981
the flowers confessions 7" 1979
dogmatic element just friends strange passion: explorations in irish post punk DIY and electronic music 1982/2012
the would-be's i'm hardly ever wrong 7" 1990
the velvet underground after hours s/t 1969
nightingales black country 7" 2004
the sea urchins cling film stardust 1992
bailter space splat wammo 1995
on the air even try this can't be real 1987?? i literally know NOTHING about this band please help
unrest when it all comes down a factory record 1991; miaow cover
matthew hattie hein thanks it's nice matthew hattie hein/sarah dougher split 7" 1998