don't back the front

with dana k

immune systemsubmerged7"1979; chicago
WALLcharmed lifeuntitled2017*
beat happeningi let him get to mes/t1985
emily's sassy limepineapple boys need not applysummer vacation EP1994
mctellsjesse man rae7"1988
sindy arthurwaiting for a raincoatwhat about1987; gina from marine girls
sarandonkill twee pop!kill twee pop!2008
puff piecespsychological test7"2014
the nerveshanging on the telephone25th anniversary1976/2001
the outwho is innocent?7"1979
the lambrettasgo steady7"1979
the newtown neuroticshyprocrite7"1979
nervus rexdon't look7"1979
the bagssurviveall bagged up1978/2007
vanityyou'll never matter much to themdon't be shy2016
flesh worldstrawberry bomberthe wild animals in my life2015
danastreet wavesa god ignored is a demon born2017*
sneakslook like thatit's a myth2017*
spottingbeaut dadsS/T EP2016
suss cuntsanaemic boyfriendsS/T EP2016
henry's dressjimmybust 'em green1996
rexydon't turn me awayrunning out of time1981
the flowersconfessions7"1979
dogmatic elementjust friendsstrange passion: explorations in irish post punk DIY and electronic music 1982/2012
the would-be'si'm hardly ever wrong7"1990
the velvet undergroundafter hourss/t1969
nightingalesblack country7"2004
the sea urchinscling filmstardust1992
bailter spacesplatwammo1995
on the aireven trythis can't be real1987?? i literally know NOTHING about this band please help
unrestwhen it all comes downa factory record1991; miaow cover
matthew hattie heinthanks it's nicematthew hattie hein/sarah dougher split 7"1998