don't back the front

with dana k

Wednesday, April 19, 2017
23:00 to 01:00
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Artist Song Album Comments New
this heat 24 track loop s/t 1979
ike yard a dull life new york noise 2006 (orig early 80s)
xex holland tunnel group:xex 1980/2011
second layer definition of honour world of rubber 1981
informatics hungry pets dezinformatsiya 1982
john bender victims of victimless crimes i don't remember now, i don't want to talk about it 1980/2016
bourbonese qualk under the city the elephant table album 1983
esplendor geometrico baraca sheikh aljama 1991
a vague disquiet heatshock: type 1 wierd compilation 2006
anna homler and steve moshier ooh nu dah breadwoman and other tales 2016 *
mk ultra & the assassins of light jesus krist klap rap oz waves: australian diy 1982-1989 2017 (orig early 80s) *
test dept. spring into action ecstasy under duress 1984
puce mary enter into them the spiral 2016
monitor beak 7" 1979
pop.1280 pyramids on mars paradise 2016
cindytalk it's luxury camouflage heart 1984
throbbing gristle what a day 20 jazz funk greats 1979
nocturnal emissions when were you last in control of your dreams and aspirations? tissue of lies 1980
pharmakon transmission contact 2017 *
uniform ghosthouse 12" 2016
tuxedomoon new machine no tears EP 1979
hunting lodge tribal warning shot tribal warning shot 1985