oops i inked again

with kid squid

Saturday, April 15, 2017
19:00 to 22:00
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daniel bachmanbrightleaf bluess/t*
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brian enothursday afternoonthursday afternoon
ducktailsparasailingducktails/julian lynch split 7'
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emily's sassy limetransistor no waydesperate, scared, but social
jawbreaker reunionbare minimumhaha and then what ;)
the space ladyghost riders in the skythe space lady by amazing thingz
stephen steinbrinki don't know how to deal with iti don't know how to deal with it
trash knifeall grown uptrash lifeR
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kate bushwaking the witchhounds of love
karen daltonreason to believe 1966
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sibylle baieri lost something in the hillscolour green
diane cluckuntitled (3)macy's day bird/black with green leaves
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vashti bunyangirl's song in wintersome things just stick in your mind
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the rochesthe married mens/t
irena xerolady on the trainoz waves: australian diy 1982-1989*
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