Learn Your ABC's

with Deirdre Dionysiac

watching indy car driver deaths on repeat

Monday, April 10, 2017
14:00 to 17:00
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Artist Song Album Label Comments New
Zavijava Orchestra Inner Landscapes Rivers of Light Mu-Psych 1986; distributed in the whopping suburb of Bensalem, PA (ten minutes from home for yours truly)
ZAO Ataturc Z=7L Vertigo 1973, France; vocals by Mauricia Platon
Syrinx Syren Tumblers from the Vault (1970-1972) Rvng Intl. 2017, Toronto; John Mills-Cockell on synth, Douglas Pringle on sax, Allan Wells on various drums and bells. You need this release in your life. *
Zin-Say! Jinsei no tema / Life Theme Substance III Nagomu Records 1992, Japan
Sneaks Hair Slick Back It's a Myth Merge 2017, D.C. *
Zaza Tango d'elite Zaza Blow Up 1982, Germany
ZNR Seynete Barricade 3 Isadora 1976, France
Ziad Rahbani Prelude (Theme from Mais El Rim) Abu Ali Zida 1978, Lebanon
Zeena Parkins, Ana Maria Simo The Bedroom. Mariana Reads a Letter Sent by Her Father to Her Mother in 1896 The Opium War Einstein Records 1999, US; part of a sinister 70 minute radioplay
Zalatnay Sarolta, Bergendy Egyuttes Sweetheart Bergendy egyuttes & Zalatnay Sarolta (7") Qualiton 1965; Hungary
(Mic) Zann Gaya's Gone Strange Ways / Inside Jungle no label 1990, Germany
Zazou / Bikaye Komba Terra Incognita II Auxilio de Cientos 1986, Spain
Za Siodma Gora Piesn Waheha Niezlomnego Rozmaite Oblicza Tej Samej Paszczeki OBUH Records 1993, Poland
Zeljko Janda Lazes Melita --- --- 70s; theme from a Yugoslavian children's TV show called "Lazes Melita"
Zelda Kogane no jikan / Golden Time C-Rock Work CBS/Sony 1987, Japan
Zelwer Le soldat tufaiev se Marie La fiancee aux yeux de bois Crammed Discs 1990, Belgium (French artist)
Zoltan Pongracz Variations Boucles Hungarian Electroacoustic Music by Zoltan Pongracz & Ivan Patachich Hungaroton Classic 2001, Hungary
-- Zwoek Untitled 6 Zwoek (cassette only) Kaisettes 1982, Netherlands
-- Zanstones Anti Casual Significance/Against the Flow Achtesteinzeitaltermusik ZH27 1985; eh, he's kind of all over the lands
Zos Kia / Coil Truth (Version) Transparent Nekrophile Rekords 1984, Austria
Zona Industriale L'Inizio Requiem (cassette only) Discipline Produzioni 1987, Italy
Kid's Praise! God Is Great Kid's Praise! 5 - Psalty's Camping Adventure... Count It All Joy! Maranatha! Music 1985, Christian children's records scare me in all the right ways.
:zoviet*france: M1 M1 M1 :Garista: Singing Ringing 1985 (orig. 1982), UK; cloth cover was soaked in creosote, which creates a strong smoky odor often found in chimneys
(Mic) Za Siodma Gora Over the Seventh Mountain Muzyka Jakiej Swiat Nie Widzi (Music the World Does Not See) OBUH Records 1996, Poland
Zero Zero Zero Part III: Pour produire un sentiment de chaleur sous la tete du defunt Crypto Sensus Gazul Records 1999, France
Zs New Slaves New Slaves The Social Registry 2010, Brooklyn
Mark Feehan Five Minute Album M.F. II Richie Records 2017, Philly *
Zoogz Rift Secret Marines - The Sequel Looser Than Clams ... A Historical Retrospective (Greatest Hits, Vol. 1) SST Records 1986, New Jersey's own Robert Pawlikowski, musician, painter, and professional wrestling personality. Passed away in 2011. Bless him.
Zoomers From the Planet Moon Exist Hyped to Death (CD) 2003 (orig. 1981), Baton Rouge?
Zulus Revolver III Zulus Aagoo Records 2015, US
Z-Rock Hawaii I Get a Little Taste of You Z-Rock Hawaii Nipp Guitar 1996, US/Japan; Ween & Yamantaka Eye collab
Zounds Can't Cheat Karma Can't Cheat Karma / War / Subvert Crass Records 1980, UK
(Mic) Ergo a conviction As subtle as tomorrow Cuneiform Records 2017, US *
Zenit Colors in My Head Straight Ahead Spray Records 1986, Austria; vocals done by Linda Sharrock from Philly
Syrinx December Angel Tumblers from the Vault (1970-1972) Rvng Intl. 2017 (orig. 1971), Toronto *