with NICKY

big blasting for emotions, politics, feminism, anti injustice, and all other blasting

Saturday, April 8, 2017
22:00 to 01:00
big blasting
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Artist Song Album Label Comments New Request
Battery My Last Breath single bnad cemp. new song!
Hightower Bailin' Pools buckets and brooms 7"
Unified Right M.A.D. LP Promo Casette
Burn Out of Time 7"
The Hitmen No Control 7"
Iceage A Rifle Ecstasy 7"
Hoax Hunters Erase Comfort and Safety
Dana Shadow of a Self Doubt A God Ignored is a Demon Born *
Shelter Here We Go Mantra hare krishna (huge sense of humor) R
Dissent Control Expression 7"
Hot Water Music Never Ender 7"
Huffy handlebars 7"
Hunger Farm Chewie, Let's Get This Thing Out of Here! 7" (1990)
Holy Wars Toy 7"
Husker Du Eight Miles High (Byrds cover) Eight Miles High 7"
the Breeders Head to Toe Head to Toe 7"
Fucked Up Glass Boys Glass Boys
Title Fight Lefty Floral Green
Horsey I'm not the best 7"
Ida Thank You 7"
Karl Hendricks Beergasm I Hate This Party EP
Butte Cop Clairvoyant Rubber Legs 7" this is an amazing song. also best band name to say on air: BUTTE
BVC (Brown Velvet Couch) Soft October 7"
Red Rumsey three part pharmacy red rumsey/teach me equals split 12" *
Blanche Blanche Blanche Looks Don't Run Wooden Ball
Home Blitz Perpetual Night 7"
High Risk Group Daddy Rolex Daddy Rolex 7"
Sheer Mag Nobody's Baby s/t *
DD Owen Degenerate s/t *
Burning Itch Police Intergalactic Asshat *
The Ergs Ben Kweller Ben Kweller EP
LES Stitches Stuck in a Phase Snapped
Hot Dolphin Body Snatcher 7"
Honeybucket Hammerhead 7"
Huggy Bear Her Jazz 7"
Le Tigre Friendship Station s/t
Weed Hiding Spot Running Back
Calamity Jane Say It 7"
Bratmobile Queenie Kiss and Ride 7"
Sneaks Hair Slick Back It's A Myth *
Pow! Necessary Call Crack an Egg *
Hot Guts Did you not go to the dance alone? ballad of jon simon 7"
Hum Hello Kitty s/t 7"
Hippopotamus Attn: Span 7"
Strike Anywhere Sunset on 32nd Change is a Sound
Lifetime Young, Loud, Scotty Jersey's Best Dancers
Pavement Summer Babe (Winter Version) Slanted & Enchanted
Matmos Just WAVES The Ganzfeld EP Thrill Jockey