Mixtape Maker / Heart Breaker

with Julia Factorial

Sunday, May 29, 2005
15:00 to 17:00

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Artist Song Album Label Comments New Request
dj low budget inxs vx. amerie nuff respect due s/r killer mix cd made by philadelphia's party starter mike low budget (half of hollertronix). available from his website...
the residents inner space animal lover mute *
minibosses ninja gaiden minibosses / penny winblood split cd yup. metal covers of video game music. *
buzzoven to a frown welcome to violence alternative tentacles SO BRUTAL OHMYGAWD . awesome. *
george thorogood gearjammer maverick emi i don't want to hear any crap from no one. this rules. really. shut the hell up already.
dropkick murphys boys on the docks boys on the docks ep cyclone this was a request. R
early man death is the answer to my prayers s/t monitor since signed to matador. *
lee michaels hello carnival of life a&m wowza. what a surprise. this song is awesome. i thought i might've picked a dud of an album. but this is great. remind me to pick this up for my own personal use.
roky erickson i think up demons i have always been here before ... the anthology shout! factory he of 13th flr elevators, but you knew that. *
joan armatrading me myself i me myself i a&m who knew that one day i could admit over the airwaves, that i love this song? dylan mira and her mixtapes strike again. fuck dude FUCK/
tv on the radio king eternal desperate youth, blood thirsty babies touch & go
angelique & third world love cycle rare funk uncovered raresoulvinyl raresoulvinyl.co.uk
incredible string band way back in the 1960s the 5,000 spirits or the layers of the onion elektra
porter wagoner country music has gone to town the blue grass story rca
bobby fuller let her dance best of rhino SWEEET. always love this song
dead milkmen beach party vietnam eat your paisley's restless yr memorial day song. ok?
BBQ killers the crowd, not me. comedy fundamental
drive like jehu o pencil sharp s/t headhunter / cargo
the fall how i wrote elastic man palace of swords reversed, comp 1980-83 rough trade R
the decemberists the infanta picaresque kill rock stars * R
jonathan richman the new teller chartbusters beserkely most requested JR song on my show. with good reason. R
high tension wires i love mao inhibitors send a message dirtnap *
subhumans waste of breath/where's the freedom? from the cradle to the grave blurrg fists up. yeah.
the rip offs rip your heart out got a record rip off
jeff parker & scott fields untitled 1955, crayon on kellogg's corn flakes box song songs songs delmark *