Not Truth, But Effect

with KPC

Friday, April 7, 2017
14:00 to 17:00
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The SmithsThis night has opened my eyesHatful of hollowWarners Music UK1984
The Cairo GangWhat can you do?UntouchableGod?2017
The Dove & The WolfSeven daysI don't know what to feelFat Possum2017...clear vinyl
RaysDrop deadRaysTrouble In Mind2017
PalbertaRabbitingBye bye BertaWharf Cat2017*
Sly & Family StoneRemember who you areBack on the right trackWarner Bros.1979
The Jesus & Mary ChainWar on peaceDamage and joyArtificial Plastic2017
Tony OzierBack to the mitten"The Funk"/"Back to the mitten" (7" single)Cherries2012
SneaksFutureIt's a mythMerge2017*
Title FightRose of SharonHyperviewAnti-2015R
SpoonPink upHot thoughtsMatador2017
Love ChildHe's so sensitive"Know it's alright" (7" ep)Trash Flow1990
The WadI'm so terminal"Benny's business" (7" ep)Lumpy2017
TemplesCertaintyVolcanoFat Possum2017*
Blanche Blanche BlanchePain station/The Kind dry streamWooden ballNNA Tapes2013
MarthaPrecarious (the supermarket song)Blisters in the pit of my heartFortuna Pop!2016
The PaperheadDama de LavandaChewTrouble In Mind2017
999Emergency999/SeparatesEMI1978/comp released 2003
The UndertonesEmergency casesThe UndertonesCastle Music1979/reissue released 2003
DD OwenDegenerateDD Owen12XU2017*
Feral OhmsTeenage god born to dieFeral OhmsSilver Current2017R
DirectoryWorld and creation"Feel it on your bones"/"World and creation" (7" single)Zodiac1975
LVL UPNaked in the river with the creatorReturn to loveSub Pop2016
The KinksSleepwalkerSleepwalkerArista1977
Jungle FireCallejeroJambuNacional2017
The Natural FourFreeNightchaserCurtom1976
FufanuBad rocketsSportsOne LIttle Indian2017
R.T. & The Pot LickersSticky pig feetShakin' fitCandy1960s/comp released 1992C
Plates Of CakeEmil the soldierPlates Of CakeAll Hands Electric2010
The ChapEmerson, Lake & PalmerHamLo Recordings2005
Soft CheekGone without a traceNot just a demonstration (7" ep)Lumpy2016
Real EstateSame sunIn mindDomino2017
BlackblackEmerald forestEp 2s/r2006
Lenis GuessHow you gonna do itThe Norfolk soul sound (3x7" single)Soul7recorded 1972/comp released 2013
Teengirl FantasyStar-rise8amPlanet Mu2017
Purling HissTeddy's Servo MotorsHigh biasDrag City2016
Tropical SkinbyrdsVenus in furyHedonism II (7"ep)Wharf Cat2016
PharmakonNo natural orderContactSacred Bones2017*
TuungEmbersTurbinesFull Time Hobby2013
Stereolab(Varoom!)Low fi (10" ep)Too Pure1992