A Deviant Chromosome

with Deirdre Dionysiac

Bedtime for Masculinity

YoranJe derve avec lairMontparnasseUnbalance1981, Japan
Yasuaki ShimizuSeiko 1Music for CommercialsCrammed Discs1986, Japan/Belgium
Xavier CugatPerfidia------1950, Spain
The Young GodsLa fille de la mortL'Eau Rouge - Red WaterPlay It Again Sam Records1989, Switzerland
(Mic) YagyaRigning SjoRigningSending Orbs2009, Iceland w/ text by Rainer Marie Rilke, Letters on Life
Yasuaki ShimizuKa-Cho-Fu-GetsuMusic for CommercialsCrammed Discs1987, Japan/Belgium w/ original text, "A Rare and Possibly Exquisite Bottle of Wine"
XTCBattery Brides (Andy Paints Brian)Go 2Virgin1978, UK
You've Got Foetus on Your BreathToday I Started Slogging AgainWash & Slog (7")Self Immolation, Some Bizarre1984, Australia/UK
Xao SeffchequeHappy New Wave (Sehr Gut Kommt Sehr Gut)Happy New Wave (7")ZickZack1981, West Germany/Austria ...a ZickZack mock-mercial
X Ray ConnectionMissed Again, Game OverX Ray ConnectionBreak Records1984, Netherlands. Released in the Netherlands, Argentina, and South Korea. Strange but true
Yannick Chevalierselected jinglesJingles N11 (U.S. Jingles)Point 121983, France
X Ray Pop(cassette extract)Poems from FranceSound of Pig1986, France, cassette-only live recording
(Mic) Yuri MorozovThe Inexplicable, part 3The Inexplicableunofficial release1978, USSR, we did NOT hear The Human Condition. My mistake.
Xenia RubinosCafe con lecheMagic TrixJaba Jaba Music2011, Brooklyn
Y. BhekhirstHot in the AirportHot in the Airport (cassette-only)GDR Records1994, New Hyde Park, outsider artist Jose Hugo Diaz Guzman
Xiu XiuHay Choco BananasForgetPolyvinyl2017, San Jose*
PharmakonNo Natural OrderContactSacred Bones2017, NYC*
Yuji TakahashiContrapunctus XV (J.S. Bach)The (Electric) Art of the FugueColumbia1975, Japan, continues through next two tracks
-- YoranConcert maillol (extract)MontparnasseUnbalance1981, Japan
-- XEXKittyGroup: XEXDark Entries1980/2011, South River, NJ!
YYUUm (Don't Be)TimeTimeTime&TimeBeer on the Rug2012, Chicago
Yoshio OjimaBoy in VisionClub (cassette-only)FGW1983, Japan, copy of 15, came in wood box w/ russian constructivist insert, mixed w/ YobKiss
-- YobKissBlack VoidThe Light (12" single)Grond Records2015, Tokyo/Netherlands
(Concert Calendar)------
Yamataka Eye & John Zorn (as Dekoboko Hajime)My Rainbow LifeNani NaniTzadik (New Japan series)1995, US/Japan
Yannick DaubyArchesArches (mp3 only)Touch2011, France/Taiwan, continues through next five tracks
-- The X Seamen's InstituteHeart of OakHeart of Oak!Folkways Recordings1976, US
-- XelaSavage RitualThe Dead SeaType2006, UK, Type label-head
-- Yo La TengoThe Crying of Lot GAnd Then Nothing Turned Itself Inside OutMatador2000, Hoboken
-- XraraThe Chasm Between Our CoilsDrapes of Water (cassette-only)Janushoved2016, Denmark
-- Yoshi Wada(extract)Off the WallSaltern1985/2016, Japan/West Germany, sampling the intro to Yves Tumor's "Serpent 1"
(Mic) Y Create (Y13)Uit Mijn BolAlles Sal Reg KomExart1984, Netherlands
Yayah Ratnasari & Karawang GroupGara-Gara Break-DanceDaun SorgaGita1985, West Java (i think)
Ya TosibaBaku HipsterMad BarberHarmonia2012, Berlin
Y PantsBeautiful FoodOff the Hook (7")99 Records1980, NYC
Yapoos12th Floor of the InnermostDadada IsmPlanet Earth1992, Japan, fronted by Jun Togawa (Apogee & Perigee, Guernica, others), Yoichiro Yoshikawa, and Hajime Fukuma (P-Model)
Yuya Uchida & the FlowersSummertimeChallenge!Columbia1969, Japan
Yoko Ono / Plastic Ono BandWhyYoko Ono / Plastic Ono BandSecretly Canadian, Chimera Music1970/2016, UK, simply the best thing that's graced my ears. Go get a reissue from Secretly Canadian.
Ya Ya ChoralGod's BuzzsawSuch a Dutch Man (7")M Squared1982, Australia
Xhol CaravanPlanet EarthPlanet Earth (7")Hansa1969, Germany
Yoshiko SaiTsubaki wa OchitakayaWan huajingBlack1975, Japan
(Mic) YximallooPapa Pencak Silat / Low CloudsThe Worst of 1986Sakura Wrechords1994, Japan, cover artwork by Jad Fair
Yukako HayaseShiniana Kioku / RarabaiAmino Co De JiSixty Records1986, Japan, produced by Toshifumi Hinata
Yukihiro TakahashiThe April FoolsTomorrow's Just Another DayYen Records1983, Japan, member of Yellow Magic Orchestra
Young Marble GiantsWind in the RiggingColossal YouthRough Trade1980, UK, the WPRB off-air music way back when!