blues, bop & beyond

with will constantine jr

Thursday, March 30, 2017
11:00 to 14:00
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Arthur Blythe1) My Sun Ra (2) Lower NileIn ConcertIndia NavigationA 1991 CD reissue of two releases from the late 1970's.Today's show is a tribute to jazz alto saxophonist Arthur Blythe, who died this past week at 76 years of age.
Arthur BlytheDown San Diego WayLenox Avenue BreakdownColumbiaReleased in 1979.
Arthur BlytheWe SeeLight BlueColumbiaA 1983 release.
Arthur BlytheBush BabyBush BabyAdelphiReleased in 1977.
Arthur Blythe Miss NancyIllusionsColumbiaA 1980 release.
Arthur Blythe TrioLenox Avenue BreakdownSpirits in the FieldSavantReleased in 2000.
Arthur BlytheHipmotismHipmotismEnjaA 1991 release.
Arthur Blythe / David Eyges / Bruce DitmasEarth TonesSynergyIn & OutReleased in 1997.
Arthur BlytheMetamorphosisIn ConcertIndia NavigationA 1991 CD issue of 2 dates from the late 1970's.
Arthur BlytheThe Lower NileElaborationsColumbiaReleased in 1982.
Arthur BlytheFaceless WomanBasic BlytheColumbiaA 1988 release.
Arthur BlytheNaimaIn The TraditionColumbiaReleased in 1979.
Arthur BlytheHip ToeFocusSavantA 2002 release.
Arthur BlytheToday's BluesToday's BluesCIMPRecorded on August 11 & 12, 1997.
Arthur BlytheToday's BluesToday's BluesCIMPRecorded on August 11 & 12, 1997.
Arthur BlytheCome SundayExhaleSavantA 2002 date.
The LeadersElaborationsMudfootBlackhawkReleased in 1986.
Arthur BlytheOdessaDa-DaColumbiaA 1986 release.
Arthur BlytheBreak TuneRetroflectionEnjaReleased in 1994.
Lester BowieBBBThe 5th PowerBlack SaintA 1978 release.