don't back the front

with dana k

savage republicthe ivory coasttragic figures1982
the stickmenmaster browinsatiable1982/2001
rudimentary penipogo popepope adrian 37th psychristriatic1995
reptile ranchyoung executivesreptile ranch1980/2017
stoffwechselfly, fliege, flymagnetband (experimenteller elektronik underground DDR, 1984-1989)2017 (orig 80s)*
esdienstagobject relations2016
rip rig + panicyou're my kind of climate12"1982
make-overswhat could go wrong?try me2017*
palbertatrick yabye bye berta2017*
bentspace is benttypical girls C
furious pigi don't like your face7"1981
the red krayolaborn in flamesborn in flames1980
patsyeat ittypical girls2017 C
blank spellscythedemo2016
the flying luttenbacherssplurgedestroy all music1995
smegmaid-o-maticpigs for lepers1982
carolinerbeetownrise of the common woodpile1991
pharmakonno natural ordercontact2017*
diamanda galasconfessional (give me sodomy or give me death)plague mass1991
dazzling killmenblown (face down)face of collapse1994
narcosatanicosvilebody cults2016
fushitsushasmall laughwithdrawe, this sable disclosure ere devot'd1998