Music With Space

with Michael Hunter

Music for the space between your left and right ears

Friday, March 24, 2017
22:30 to 01:30
Electronic, Drone, Ambient & Avant-Garde
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Artist Song Album Label Comments
Shane Morris Equinox Equinox Earth Mantra 22:00:00
Javi Canovas Part II Oscillations Self Release 22:17:20
Solaris Ritual Aeon V Synphaera 22:44:67
Lorenzo Montana & Mick Chillage Microscopic Mechanisms Moon Deviazioni Cosiche Carpe Sonum 23:08:21
Suzanne Ciani Concert at WBAI Free Music Store Buchla Concerts 1975 Finders Keepers 23:22:34
The Melting Transistor The Sacrificial Moon Bending Light Self Release 23:49:47
David Wright & Carys Where the Whales Still Sing Prophecy AD Music 23:57:47
Steve Roach The Passing The Passing Projekt Records 00:05:40
Crystal Dreams Bright Yellow Storm Tea Drones Buddhist On Fire 01:05:00
Arjen Schat Seqeacam Skarce Self Release 01:13:43
Ashra Nightdust New Age of Earth Virgin 01:20:23
Alphaxone & ProtoU Observing Quasars Stardust Cryo Chamber 01:42:02
Warren Daly Spiralling Continuum Spiralling Continuum weareallghosts 01:48:46
Arcticology Open Eternal Now Earth Mantra 01:52:56
Rudy Adrian Languid River Coastlines Spotted Peccary 02:02:19
Vidna Obmana Sanctuary of Reply [#] Twilight of Perception Projekt 02:08:18
Vangelis Mare Tranquillitatis Albedo 0.39 RCA 02:25:00
Travis and Fripp Pastorale Thread Inner Knot 02:26:47
Terry Furber The Endless Cosmic Ocean n/a unreleased 02:37:45
Telomere Flightpath Lux Primodia Evenfall 02:52:30