don't back the front

with dana k

the notekillersthe zipperthe notekillers (1977-1981)1980/2004
the cravatssituations vacantthe cravats in toytown1978/2012
counter intuitshis master's voicemonosyllabilly2016
brad potms independents/t2017*
blank squareempty headanimal I2017*
mika mikotake it seriousC.Y.S.L.A.B.F2006
angry anglesthe 15ths/t2016 (orig early 2000s)
marbled eyeprimroses/t2016
standing wavesearly warning7"1979
homostupidsthe internthe load2009
ausmuteantsmusic writersband of the future2016
red donsamman (before the bomb)the red hand of tradition2015
toya clear shota clear shot2017*
metzspit you outmetz II2015
uv racei hate you7"2010
kitchen and the plastic spoonsice cream to godscreams to god1981/2013
nervous gendermonstersmusic from hell1981
SIC voltage control7"1979
unitsi-nightwarm moving bodies 7"1980
poison girlscat's eyemessthetics #1082011 (orig 70s demo)
english subtitlestime tunnel7"1979
sunday painterssomething to dosomething to do1982/2015
negativlandgimme the mermaidfair use1995
men's recovery projectresist the new waythe very best of men's recovery project2005
snakefingergolden goatgreener postures1980
stretchheadsfilthy great yarblecodesfive fingers, four thingers, a thumb, a facelift, and a new identity1988
anxietythe worsts/t2016
martin revbaby o babys/t1980