For Challenging Children

with Deirdre Dionysiac

Monday, March 20, 2017
20:30 to 23:30
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Artist Song Album Label Comments New
Daniel Johnston I Am a Baby (In My Universe) Hi, How Are You: The Unfinished Album self-released, obviii 1983
The Vaselines You Think You're a Man Son of a Gun (7") 53rd & 3rd 1987
The Kinks Sitting by the Riverside The Kinks Are the Village Green Preservation Society Pye Records 1968
Shonen Knife Twist Barbie Burning Farm Zero Records 1983
Trixie's Big Red Motorbike What Was in the Loft? All Day Long in Bliss Lobby Ludd Records 1982/2012
(On Mic) Nobukazu Takemura Mattino davantl alla torre dell'o Milano : For Issey Miyake Men by Naoki Takizawa WEA Japan, A.K.A. Records 1999
Aksak Maboul Palmiers en pots [Trio (from Nuits D'Argentine); Tango] Un peu de l'ame des bandits Atem, Crammed Discs, Recommended Records 1980
Albert Marcoeur Mon pere avait un p'tit champ d'pommes Albert Marcoeur Atlantic 1974
Yip Yip Coyote Pioneer Girl Pioneer Girl (7") I.R.S. Records 1984
The Dezurik Sisters Down in Jungle Town Yodel and Sing Their Greatest Hits Mississippi Records 1930s/2014
Helen & the Horns Footsteps at My Door Footsteps at My Door (7") RCA 1984
April Showers Abandon Ship Abandon Ship (7") Chrysalis, Big Star 1984
The Pastels Dark Side of Your World Truckload of Trouble Paperhouse Records 1993
Orphan Fairytale Glorious High Ladybird Labyrinth Ultra Eczema 2009
From Nursery to Misery Phoenix Dragon Pixies in the Woods Dark Entries 1990/2017
(On Mic) Georgia No One Person Can Ever Be the Center All Kind Music Palto Flats 2016
Daniel Johnston Keep Punching Joe Hi, How Are You: The Unfinished Album self-released 1983
...Native Hipsters Stuck Tenderly Hurt Me Illuminated Records, Glass Records 1982
Adam Bohman The Jenkins Family Music and Words 2 Paradigm Discs 2014, orig. from 1984 cassette "Apricot Flavoured Telephones"
Violent Onsen Geisha Love Child, Happy Parade Que Sera, Sera (Things Go From Bad to Worse) Rail Recordings 1995
Anton Heyboer Sometimes There Is a Woman in Your Arms Rules of the Universe Kye 2013
Yoko Ono / Plastic Ono Band Open Your Box Plastic Ono Band Secretly Canadian 1970/2016
Katra Turana Fuka Katra Turana Telegraph Records 1982
Opal My Only Friend Early Recordings Rough Trade 1989
Sigtryggur Berg Sigmarsson Operation from the Below, Ch. 1 Operation from the Below Chocolate Monk: The Well-Spliced Breath series. Vol. 6 2013
Kuupuu Satu Tata / Stimpi / 2005 Spring High Spiritual Spree Spray Ray Cabin Floor Esoterica 2010; played with Sig
Maja Osojnik Waiting Let Them Grow Rock Is Hell Records 2016
(On Mic) Nurse with Wound Steel Dream March of the Metal Men Steel Dream March of the Metal Men (7") Clawfist 1992
Michel Chion Sanctus Requiem INA-GRM 1978
De-Bons-En-Pierre The Mud Man Is Coming Crepes Dark Entries 2017 *
The Caretaker Libet's Delay An Empty Bliss Beyond This World History Always Favours the Winners 2011
Maja Ratkje Insomnia Voice Rune Grammofon 2002
Bruce Haack & Esther Nelson Soul Transportation Dance to the Music Dimension 5 1972
Coil The Last Amethyst Deceivers The Ape of Naples Threshold House 2005/2016
Asmus Tietchens Den Stiftsherren Aus Freude Am Elend Dom America/Die Stadt 1988/2008
Kenneth Patchen Do the Dead Know What Time It Is? Reads His Poetry with the Chamber Jazz Sextet Cadence 1957
Grouper Stuck Dragging a Dead Deer Up a Hill Type 2008
Can True Story The Lost Tapes Spoon Records 2012
Baudouin Oosterlynck Refuge 1975-1978 Metaphon 2008, an un-world
(On Mic) Aine O'Dwyer The Little Lord of Misrule Music for Church Cleaners Vol. I and II MIE Music 2015