don't sub the front

with dana k + dondi

Thursday, March 16, 2017
20:00 to 22:00
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Artist Song Album Comments New Request
pigbag sunny day 7"
josef k heart of song entomology 1981/2006
club tango performance 7" 1981
the denizens waiting room 7" 1980
the slits in the beginning there was rhythm the slits/pop group split 7" 1980
reverse greed synchisis 1980
downtown boys somos chulas (no somos pendejas) new! 2017
flasher winnie 7" 2017
nail polish selected comments authentic living 2016
booji boys dear donny s/t 2017
spinning coin tin raining on hope street 7" 2017
the sticks no sustain/cobblers no sustain EP 2016
the nils fountains sell out young 1985
captain sensible the russians are coming this is your captain speaking 1981 R
happy flowers i've got the picnic disease i crush bozo 1988
dd owen low life baby s/t 2016 *
archie bunker and the cleveland steamers hung up on you 7" 2016 *
gang of four what we all want 7" 1981
animals & men headphones (demo) terraplane fixation 2002 (orig early 80s)
band of susans hard light love agenda 1989
features city scenes x-features 1980/2016
public image ltd. albatross metal box 1979
beach bullies sob story we rule the universe 1980/2015
metropak you're a rebel messthetics 105 1979/2007
x_x A 7" 1979
r.w atom you've lost that loving feeling hybrid kids: a collection of classic mutants 1979
negativland perfect scrambled eggs potatoes 1987
from nursery to misery time to question why the endless fight/pixies in the woods early 90s/2017
dark day hands in the dark hands in the dark 1979/2013
solid space destination moon space museum 1982
de-bons-en-pierre francine crepes EP 2017 *
mark feehan carmen 101 M.F II 2017 *
colin potter behind you we couldn't agree on a title 1981
industry ready for the wave s/t 1980
mary lattimore wawa by the ocean collected pieces 2017
tajuki naka + tim olive untitled (track 2) the new attractive 2015 *