Simple Headphone Mind/Grave Wave

with Aida

Tuesday, March 14, 2017
17:30 to 18:30
I Don't Understand (This Affinity For Disorder)
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Peer RabenTry To SingThe Music From Rainer Werner Fassbinder FilmsBMG Music1997
Rhys Chatham with Glenn Branca, Nina Canal, Wharton Tiers Guitar Trio Recorded Live, 5/79 NYC-1979
Shuji TerayamaMunch, Dr. CaligariA Band of Old Detectives and the Crime of Dr. Caligari-1969

Brecht's Testimony before the House Un-American Activities Committee, 1947.

The Voice of Samuel Beckett: Recorded in 1959, Sorrento, Italy An excerpt of Beckett's acceptance speech for the Prix Italia.

Jean Genet "Le condamné a mort" (1952); Radiodiffusion Francaise.