Music With Space

with Michael Hunter

Music for the space between your left and right ears

Saturday, March 11, 2017
00:00 to 03:00
Electronic, Drone, Ambient & Avant-Garde
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VandersonVandisphereVandisphereSpheric Music00:00:00
Onewaynessen passant (for Don Buchla)Onewayness Was Here: Live RecordingsOnomastic Records00:12:46
Forrest FangA River in RetrogradeFollowing the Ether SunProjekt Records00:24:08
Michael BrucknerRauros - A DroneNauraKlangwirkstoff Records00:37:35
Oliver LiebSurface Tension Pt 1Inside VoicesPsychonavigation Records00:46:00
RapoonBroken Eagle Broken SunsetTo West and BlueZoharum00:56:27
Sinke DusThe AbyssAkrasiaCyclic Law01:03:14
Steve StollAtonal MemoryEarthlingFax +49-69/45046401:08:23
Wolfram SpyraXyloCity Part IVOrphan WavesFax +49-69/45046401:11:47
TomitaInfernal Dance of King Kastchei - Arr. for Synthesizer [Firebird Suite]Tomita's Greatest HitsRCA Red Seal01:21:39
Robert RichAnchorless on Quiet TideVestigesSoundscape01:25:54
Arjen SchatGradual Consonant Transposition ModulationSkarceSelf Release01:42:47
Gavin BryarsThe Sinking of the TitanicThe Sinking Of The Titanic / Jesus' Blood Never Failed Me YetVirgin01:51:08
Longshore DriftThe Space ApartDreams and MemoriesSelf Release02:15:40
The Melting TransistorSignal From BeyondSignal From BeyondSelf Release02:23:59
Elaine RadigueChry-ptus 2Chry-ptusSchoolmap02:41:43