don't back the front

with dana k

Wednesday, March 8, 2017
23:00 to 01:00
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Artist Song Album Comments New
country teasers golden apples destroy all human life 1999
the girls methodist church reunion 1986
squirrel bait tape from california skag heaven 1986; phil ochs cover
sheer mag button up compilation 2016 *
simply saucer dance the mutation cyborgs revisited 1989 (orig. early 70s)
human hands i got mad darker skratcher 1980
rubber city rebels kidnapped punk 45: burn rubber city burn 1977/2015
wall of voodoo ring of fire s/t 1980
the jesus lizard mouth breather goat 1991
pissed jeans the bar is low why love now 2017 *
thinking fellers union local 282 four o'clocker 2 lovelyville 1991
scientists swampland weird love 1986
leaving trains virginia city keats rides a harley 1981/2005
no trend teen love teen love 1983
kilgore trout bad puddings bad puddings 1989
world of pooh cake flotilla the land of thirst 1989
the feelies pass the time in between 2017
big butter feel like a thumb fogalopes big day 1988
departmentstore santas hey (what's going on here) at the medieval castle nineteen 100-year lifetimes since 1984/2015
tall dwarfs the brain that wouldn't die slugbuckethairybreathmonster 1984
the terminals basket case touch 1992
rocket from the tombs 30 seconds over tokyo the day the earth met the rocket from the tombs 2002 (orig. 70s)
northern liberties children of the unholy cross ghost mind electricity 2007
purkurr pillnikk excuse me/surprise geyser: anthology of the icelandic independent music scene during the 80s 1987
killing joke follow the leaders what's this for? 1981
spacemen 3 transparent radiation 7" 1987
the pink fairies do it! 7" 1971
cromagnon caledonia orgasm 1969